Not Just Good Looks – Ultimate Strength, Too!

Today’s trucks aren’t only more efficient than ever, they’re also bigger than ever. Massive private passenger diesel trucks now have the capabilities to pull what only commercial vehicles could just a decade ago. Ironically, the bumpers have seemingly become even weaker, to absorb more impact during a collision. Manufacturers don’t expect the average customer to put their vehicles through the rigors that some of us do, so they don’t take rock impacts into account.

But if you’re really using your truck to the extremes, then you’ll find that a heavy-duty truck needs heavy-duty equipment. And when you’re unhinged enough to wheel a 9,000-pound full-size diesel truck through tough rock terrain, you need a bumper that doesn’t just fit the lines of the truck and hold the license plate on; you need truck bumpers that offer the ultimate in strength, too.


The unexpected can sometimes pull the ground right out from under you, putting a good majority of the vehicle’s weight directly on the lowest point of protrusion - usually, your truck’s bumper. Not only does it help to have a bumper that can brush off a blow like that, having some easy-to-hook-to pulling points can make life much easier if your vehicle can’t drive itself out of the predicament it got into.

Fab Fours’ Premium line of bumpers has the construction to handle the potential impacts that a modern fullsize truck can endure in extreme off-road situations. Each steel bumper is built to be not only a point of recovery, but also a protective panel that can take extreme forces, including the weight of the truck it is installed on. With Premium bumpers installed both front and rear on this truck, it not only has a front end that can take the force of finding an unexpected hole, but it also benefits from two recovery points in the back end to help pull this truck out the easiest possible way for a quick extraction.

This particular instance happened in Moab, Utah, with many friends around that could lend a quick tug, so there was no need to even unravel the winch that’s enclosed in the front bumper of this truck. Except for a little photo evidence, you’d never know that the BDS Suspensions Super Duty found its way into a low spot on the trail!

Fab Fours

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