Off-Road Truck HID Lamps – Why Do I Need Them?

Anyone who enjoys off-roading at night surely understands the importance of having good off-road lights. Whether they’re mounted on a light bar across the roof or added to front truck bumpers, high intensity discharge (HID) lights can really improve the experience when on the trails after dark. They may be a bit of an additional expense, but there’s a lot of reasons why off-road owners want to add HID lights to their list of upgrades for their trucks. When compared with other lights, they perform much better overall.

Brighter, More Intense Light

In comparison to standard halogen and even brighter LED bulbs, HID bulbs offer a brighter, cleaner light. Instead of giving off a yellowish light like most headlights, HID lights give off a brighter white light or light with a bluish tinge to depending on the temperature of the heated bulb. This difference in output is due to the different way that HID headlights work.

Most headlights that have been mounted on aftermarket bumpers have a filament that glows hot when receiving electricity from the truck, illuminating the halogen gas that is sealed into the light unit. HID elements do not have filaments; they instead have two electrodes and are filled with xenon gas. The electrodes warm up, heating the gas inside the bulb. The gas then creates a bright arc of light between the two electrodes. Based on the way this different gas and electrode set-up performs, HID lights produce a brighter light.

Wider Light

Besides being brighter, HID lights are less focused in the front which allows them to crisply illuminate a larger area. They outperform most halogen bulbs giving off weaker, yellowish lights, making them much more suitable for heading off on the trails with your favorite off-road truck. HID bulbs shine over a longer, wider path in front of and to the side of the truck with clearer, sharper light. Some disagree about their use on the highway as they do produce a considerable amount of glare to oncoming vehicles. In an off-road setting, HID offers a great improvement over halogen or LED lighting.

More Efficient Light

HID bulbs are also more efficient than halogen or LED bulbs. The xenon gas and electrode setup creates a higher output with lower energy input, meaning they need less of a charge from the truck. Due to a lower electricity requirement, they run cooler and experience less wear than other bulbs as well. Regular headlight bulbs found in headlights mounted on off-road truck bumpers experience filament decay starting from the first time they are used. Although HID bulbs do cost more than other types, they generally last much longer, require less power, and provide a clean, white light the entire time.

When upgrading your special off-road truck to include additional lights for night driving, HID may be the best option for great performance. Although they are more expensive, those who invest in them usually find that they’re worth the extra cost. Available in various styles for off-roading like headlights, spotlights, driving lights to mount on bumpers, and light bars, HID give off-roaders the illumination they need for safe fun at night. You’ll be able to light up the whole trail with ease and travel on without being surprised by what shows up around the next bend! 

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