Offroad Truck Bumpers – Replace Front or Back One First?

Which bumper do you replace on your prized offroad truck first? Just a guess here, but we’d have to say that your front bumper gets more attention that your rear. But why? Because it’s the most aesthetically noticeable? Or is it the one you use the most?

Which Bumper to Replace First?

Granted, the front bumper is where you most often mount a winch and off-road lights that are used for forward progression. It depends on how you drive, where you drive, and how you use your truck. If you’re looking to charge through boulder-strewn trails and aren’t about to let a little log in the path stop you, then a front-mounted winch bumper is going to be a necessity.

Why Replace Stock Bumpers With Aftermarket Bumpers?

But not everyone uses their vehicles like that. We know some customers that will always modify their rear bumpers first, and sometimes not even bother replacing the front bumper at all. Why? Well, they had a few very good reasons when we asked them.

  • The first response was that they weren’t worried about running into things, but they were worried about other vehicles running into them. A Fab Fours Premium rear bumper protected the bed and rear of the frame from damage caused by drivers not paying attention.

  • Some told us that a front bumper is for forward progression and a rear bumper is for protection and extraction. A couple owners have even made their own rear winch mounts, telling us that: “If I get stuck, there’s only one way I want to go, and that’s back out of whatever stupid thing I just drove into!” We must say that there is some sense to that! It’s just another reason that an aftermarket rear steel bumper with pull points can be invaluable after a mistake is made.

  • A lot of rear bumper buyers are people who pull trailers. Anyone who has backed up a truck to a trailer without an on-board camera can tell you that little bumper dings are standard issue for a stock rear bumper. The thick gauge steel of a Fab Fours steel truck bumper easily resists small dents caused by hooking up trailers and the thick two-stage powder coat won’t show evidence of imperfect trailer coupling.

Whether you replace your front bumper, rear bumper, or both is up to you. But we can guarantee that whatever end you cover with a Fab Fours product is going to be better guarded and able to take the rigors and damage of your everyday use!

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