Open Fender System for Optimized Overlanding Experience

Open Fender lakeview

Over the past few years, vehicle-based exploring has developed a strong following from off-roading enthusiasts, offering new adventures for those looking to get off the grid for a while. In light of COVID-19, many are in search of their next, remote adventure, making overlanding an exceptionally popular concept these days.

Overlanding is a combination of off-roading and camping into one activity. Participants travel over rugged terrain, in search of new or little-known destinations where the journey getting there is half the fun.

Overland vehicles aren’t any one specific type of vehicle — rather, they’re a mode of transportation that’s comfortable and capable of traversing off-road for a time. Still, there are some things you can add on to your truck to make sure it’s ready for this next adventure.

An open fender system offers a revolutionary way to enhance your truck or vehicle without needing to make other changes to the rest of the unit. It’s particularly appealing for overlanding vehicles because it’s a faster, easier, and more cost-effective way to get off-the-grid for your next adventure.

Learn about the capabilities and style of the open fender system.

Here are the top three reasons an open fender system is a great solution for your vehicle’s next overlanding adventure:

Bigger Tires for Higher Center of Gravity

An open fender system allows your vehicle to run on bigger tires without issue. This raises the vehicle’s overall center of gravity, which allows you to take on even bigger off-road challenges with total clearance.

Avoid Lift Kits and Other Add-Ons Altogether

Open fender systems also eliminate the need to lift the entire frame, which also avoids compromising the original vehicle components for optimum stock integrity. This system maintains a smoother factory ride and can also save you from needing to incorporate other necessary add-ons down the road.

Maintain the Utility of the Vehicle for Easy Access

Utilizing an open fender system maintains the utility of the vehicle, so it’s easier to get in and out of the vehicle, and you can eliminate the need for a dropdown trailer hitch. This allows you to easily pack and unpack any camping gear or access the bed of your truck without a ladder or other means of assistance.

Overlanding is only going to continue to grow in popularity as more and more people look for new ways to enjoy the great outdoors. What are you waiting for? Isn’t it time to get your 4×4 ready for that next big adventure?

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