Open Fenders – Their Impact On Driving Off Road Trails!

Getting the best performance from your off-road truck or Jeep when tackling rough terrain involves equipping it for the job.

One modification that's sometimes overlooked until it becomes an obvious problem is the fenders that can sometimes interfere with your vehicle's maneuverability.

Many people opt for open fenders to alleviate the problem of interference while still remaining somewhat protective.

Hopefully you can learn here why you may want to make this modification so you can get the most from your Jeep.

Why Fender Interference Happens

If you have a stock Jeep or truck and haven't made many modifications to it, it's pretty unlikely that you'll deal with fender interference.

Yet the minute you start adding bigger tires or messing with the suspension, tire interference becomes a legitimate concern.

Once your tire size goes above a certain height and diameter, tires will no longer fit properly within the stock fenders.

Standing still, they may look fine; however, you get on the trail and start climbing obstacles, you'll find those bigger tires rubbing more as you lose some of your range of articulation.

The same goes for adding height to the suspension; a lift of 2 inches or more on some vehicles changes the tire/fender relationship enough that you can end up with tire interference.

Preventing Interference with Open Fenders

When you need to increase your tire size or add some height to your suspension, the best way to remedy any potential fender interference is with open or flat fenders.

These aftermarket replacements for the stock fenders on your Truck are a great midpoint between removing your fenders altogether and dealing with interference with stock fenders.

Although some choose to add open fenders purely for the look as it can make any stock vehicle look more trail ready and aggressive, they do more than just look good when you actually need them.

Using flat, aftermarket fenders with bigger tires and taller suspension, you can still protect your truck from tire spray while avoiding that inevitable, annoying, and potentially dangerous fender rubbing.

Just choose fenders that are at least as wide as your tires.

Open Fenders Improve Vehicle Performance

Your goal when adding bigger tires and a taller suspension is to increase traction, ground clearance, and wheel articulation.

If your fenders rub or you no longer have complete articulation because the fenders are in the way, all the money spent on those upgrades is wasted.

Essentially, to get the full effect of these performance upgrades if you go above fender limits on tire size and suspension height, you need to add open fenders to your list of modifications.

Open Fenders - What A Great Upgrade!

When you upgrade a Jeep or truck to include significantly larger tires or add 2 inches or more of height to your suspension, you run a high risk of dealing with fender interference.

Fortunately, there is an easy and fairly inexpensive way to avoid this problem and get the improved performance you are after.

Available in many widths and made from formed steel, our aftermarket fenders are all you need to eliminate tire rubbing and other interference.

A set of  open fenders will protect your Jeep or truck without limiting its performance, and they look awesome!

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