Pack Right for Your Adventure

When we head out on an adventure, we like to make sure we’re ready for the journey we’re going on. Of course, we always have some gear and tools packed away in each of our 4x4s, but there’s a lot of extra equipment to be added for a long trip. That extra gear should be tailored specifically to the area you’ll be in, the company you’ll be with, and of course, the vehicle you’re in. Beyond that, think about your vehicles’ (potential) weaknesses and what you haven’t replaced in a while.

Plan Ahead

If you think you’re going to have an issue, the best thing you can do is address it before the trip and before it becomes an issue. But if that’s not an option, throwing in whatever replacement part at least gives you the option to do a trail repair if it does break.

Bring Replacement Parts and Extra Fuel

If it’s a long trip, extra fuel should be brought. And of course, a spare tire is essential—especially when off-road in uneven terrain that can damage your tires. If your vehicle is lifted, remember that a factory jack won’t always work, so an off-road (or farmer’s) jack and an aftermarket bumper that you can jack the vehicle up from is important to have. A spare is useless if you can’t get the vehicle in the air to change the tire.

Prepare For The Weather

If you’re camping, take into account what the weather will be like and bring the right equipment to shelter you and your gear from the climate. You won’t be packing the same for 20-degree days and 110 degree days. If there’s rain, remember that it’s not just you that needs rain gear; you want to make sure your extra clothes and food stay dry, too.

It’s also important to think about the size of your group. If you’re traveling with a lot of people, it might not be a bad idea to bring a little extra food and maybe a larger first-aid kit than you normally would. Your recovery gear might vary a little bit, too, depending on your party size. If no one has a winch, then a few straps to hook vehicles together are going to be invaluable. If you’re traveling alone, it would be a great idea to pack some type of winch anchor in case there are no trees or big rocks to winch from.

However long or short your trip, make sure they it stays enjoyable by being prepared for the unexpected!

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