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LEGEND 2.woah

?To be honest LEGEND 2.woah was built with a bit of a chip on my shoulder. The original LEGEND was such a success and got so much attention that of course it was going to have feedback both positive and negative. Being the proud father, I love everything about it; its crazy dimensions, its styling, its scheme and I knew good and well that it was fully functional and could wheel with the best jeeps out there. However, due to its obvious expense and the fact that it was getting publicized from shows, it then got the perception of the trailer queen. Well the team made me commit to not mess it up for at least a year due to its new found fame, but I am a true rock crawling enthusiast at my core and wanted the ability to show people that the Legend was both show and go; hence the beginnings of LEGEND 2.woah.” -Greg Higgs

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