Ramp Up Off Road Thrills With Aftermarket Exhaust Systems!

All you off-roaders know that there are a lot of ways to enhance off-road trucks to perform better. From taller suspensions and really rugged tires to specialty steel bumpers and off-road lights, each item has its own special way to make your prized off-road truck better able to handle the challenges of off-road driving.

In the same way, there’s a lot more to an aftermarket exhaust system than just a great sound. Sure, an aggressive-sounding exhaust can definitely turn some heads in the crowd. The good news is that they do serve some important purposes other than just sounding great.

Aftermarket Exhausts Increase Performance

Ideally, you’ll want to choose your aftermarket exhaust based on the performance benefits it will give you, not just how cool it sounds. Stock tires, truck bumpers, and stock exhausts on many trucks may be good for basic levels of off-roading. Yet once you make that important decision to push the truck even more, improving its performance becomes very important in the following ways:

----- Better Performance Through Increased Airflow - Airflow through the exhaust system directly affects vehicle performance, as greater airflow equates with increased power from the engine. Off-road aftermarket systems are made with wider exhaust pipes to increase exhaust flow from the engine by reducing exhaust restrictions.

----- More Durability Than Stock Systems - High-quality aftermarket exhausts are more durable because they are made from stronger materials and use techniques that promote crush resistance. Stainless steel exhausts are stronger and more corrosion-resistant than standard steel exhausts, making them an ideal choice for off-road trucks. A good quality aftermarket system uses mandrel bending rather than crush bending. Pipes that are mandrel bent are stronger than those that are crush bent as they lack weak spots created during the bending process and as a result, can withstand more abuse without crushing.

Other Aftermarket Exhaust Benefits

Though the main benefits of installing a quality aftermarket exhaust system are improved performance and greater durability, let’s face it - they just look and sound good too!

----- Great Looks - Mandrel bent stainless steel pipes are stronger and less crushable than stock pipes are - and they look great too. They’re easier to clean than any stock exhaust pipes, even more so in chrome. Who wouldn't want to add a little flash to your truck while upgrading to increase performance!

----- Great Sound - Large, wider-diameter pipes provide essential airflow to increase your truck’s performance - they sound great as well. Aftermarket exhausts equipped with performance mufflers have different sounds, each one better than any stock system. So, while performance should always be the main reason to select an aftermarket exhaust system, there’s no arguing the fact that an off-road truck that sounds really tough is a great thing too!

There are many companies that offer aftermarket exhausts for off-road trucks and Jeeps to find the performance you need as well as the look and sound you want. Installed along with other specialty equipment like tires, shocks, and steel bumpers, an aftermarket exhaust can give you the added power needed to succeed with those more challenging trails and obstacles that make off-roading as exciting as it is! 

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