Want 40” Tires Without A Suspension Lift?

Check Out Fab Fours Open Fender System for Your 2019 Chevy HD!

When you invest in the ruggedness of a big truck like the 2019 Chevy HD, factory wheels and tires might not be enough to meet your needs for that truck.

You want bigger, meatier tires on your truck to get the traction and ground clearance needed for rough going – and you’d rather avoid the expense of a suspension lift that could compromise performance and ride!

You need the innovative engineering Fab Fours used to create an Open Fender System for your 2019 Chevy HD truck so you might only need a small leveling kit to add 40″ tires to your truck!

Constructed from 11 gauge US steel and finished in 2 stage black powder coat or left as bare steel to customize color, the Open Fender System for the 2019 Chevy HD oozes with the quality you expect from Fab Fours.

Think you need more reasons to get Fab Fours Open Fender System for your 2019 Chevy HD truck?

  • 40” Tires Without A Lift Kit – Surpass the tire size your factory fenders can handle without the expense and effort involved in doing a suspension lift! 
  • Suspension Not Affected – If you add big tires and don’t need a suspension life, performance and ride quality won’t be compromised which is a recipe for successful off-roading!
  • Low Center of Gravity – Without needing a suspension lift, you keep a low center of gravity for the best-looking wide stance, low slung, aggressive-looking, big-tire-fitting truck out there!

Designed and made in America at Fab Fours South Carolina production facility, the Open Fender System lets you customize your 2019 Chevy HD truck with tires up to 40” in an affordable and convenient way.

If you want to make a statement with your 2019 Chevy HD truck, adding the Open Fender System will make your truck the talk of the town as it flashes that characteristic Fab Fours flair!

Fab Fours 2019 Chevy HD Open Fender System

Astounding Looks and Functional Design =  #40snolift!


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