Want to Mod Up Your 2019 Dodge 1500’s Front End?

You Need The 2019 Dodge 1500 Vengeance Front Bumpers From Fab Fours!


Trying to find front bumpers that are really protective yet fit in your garage?

Look no more – Fab Fours has come out with Vengeance front bumpers for the 2019 Dodge 1500!

You love off-roading in your 2019 Dodge 1500 but want a front bumper that you can drive around town and fit in your garage – so we listened to what you want!

For strength off-road without any unnecessary weight to affect street level ride and balance, the 2019 Dodge 1500 Vengeance Front Bumpers by Fab Fours were created just to fill this requirement.

What features make the 2019 Dodge 1500 Vengeance Series front bumpers the answer to what you want and need?

  • Made exclusively by Fab Fours at our South Carolina production facility using all US steel!

  • Sports an aggressive, form-fitting design that hugs the contours of your truck!

  • Provides ideal tire clearance to reduce interference!

  • Includes lower cutouts to increase airflow!

With its sensor compatibility and capacity for an integrated light bar and side light housings for adding optional lighting, the 2019 Dodge 1500 Vengeance Front Bumpers are available in attractive and lightweight no-guard and pre-runner styles.

Why turn to Fab Fours Vengeance front bumpers for your 2019 Dodge 1500?

  • Lightweight Construction – Designed to get more strength with less weight, topping off at only 65 lbs for the no-guard and 75 lbs for the pre-runner!

  • Strong and Stylish – Fabricated from 11-gauge U.S. steel and finished in a matte black powder coat done in 2-stages, the Vengeance Series has optional 20” light bars and 2×2 dually side lighting to add powerful lights to the package!

  • Sensor Compatible – OEM sensor compatible on lifted trucks yet also retains the factory receiver hitch and wiring locations; stock height trucks may require sensor tuning!

Consistently delivering exceptional quality and innovative designs, Fab Fours replacement front bumpers surpass all the others you will look at.

When you bolt the Vengeance bumper to the front of your 2019 Dodge 1500, you can count on Fab Fours superior strength and protection, exceptional aggressive looks, and functional design!

Fab Fours Has Improved Vengeance Front Bumpers For Your 2019 Dodge 1500!

Lightweight Protection – Superior Strength – Aggressive Styling!


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