Want Strength and Styling For Your 2019 Ford Ranger Rear Bumper?

Vengeance Rear Bumpers From Fab Fours Give You Both!


Whether you’re driving off-road or on the streets, protecting your 2019 Ford Ranger with reliable mods that can handle both is a priority, which is why you need the Vengeance Rear sensor bumper for the 2019 Ford Ranger by Fab Fours!

Made exclusively in our South Carolina facility, the 2019 Vengeance rear bumper by Fab Fours has a lighter-weight design that won’t weigh down your Ranger and lets you keep important factory features such as the bumper sensors, receiver hitch, and wiring locations.

Designed to handle the rigors of off-roading while also maintaining important factory features, the 2019 Vengeance rear sensor bumper with an aggressive look and streamlined design can be customized with optional lighting to make you look great hitting the trails in your Ranger yet still perform as expected when driving around town!

Why choose Fab Fours Vengeance rear bumper for your 2019 Ford Ranger?

    • Strong Steel Construction – Made in America from 11 gauge US steel and finished with a 2-stage matte black powder coat, the Vengeance rear bumper is robust yet has a lighter-weight, body-fitting, streamlined design that stands up and looks impressive!

    • Retains Important Factory Bumper Features – Designed to protect off-road and on the street, the Vengeance is compatible with OEM bumper sensors, receiver hitch location, and wiring for accurate warning and trouble-free towing!

    • Optional Lighting Completes the Look – Can be customized by two 6-inch light bars or four 2 x 2 dually lights into the front-side light openings to create an individual look!

When you want reliable rear end protection for your 2019 Ford Ranger while still looking impressive, choose the Vengeance rear bumper by Fab Fours.

Strong, sleek, and lightweight, the Vengeance Series Rear Bumper for the 2019 Ford Ranger offers extreme durability for safe fun on the trail, the factory functionality you want to preserve, and the aggressive looks you want in one great innovative Fab Fours design!

Fab Fours 2019 Ford Ranger Vengeance Series Rear Bumpers

Perfect Combination of Form and Function!


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