Want Lightweight Front End Protection for Your 2019 GMC 1500?

Decrease Weight and Increase Looks With Vengeance Front Bumpers From Fab Fours!

When you want a lightweight yet strong bumper that also looks classy on your 2019 GMC 1500, look no further – Fab Fours has created the Vengeance Series Front Bumpers that deliver in both categories!

Developed with the protection you need and the classy appearance that you want, the Vengeance Series front bumper for the 2019 GMC 1500 is crafted in a design that surpasses the factory bumper both in strength and stability – and looks really great too!

Using an innovative design, Fab Fours has created a bumper that gives you more of what you want for your GMC such as modern styling and sensor compatibility without the weight that you don’t need.

With an aggressive design that offers increased tire clearance and lower cutouts to increase airflow, this totally unique front bumper is available in either no guard or pre-runner styles and can be customized by adding  in the front an optional 20” light bar or 2 front-side 2 x 2 dually lights on each side.

So exactly why should you get the Vengeance Series front bumper created by Fab Fours for your 2019 GMC 1500?

  • Superior Sturdy Yet Lightweight Protection – Constructed from durable 100% US steel at Fab Fours South Carolina facility, Vengeance Series front bumpers weigh in at only 65 lbs in no guard style and 75 lbs in pre-runner style!

  • Functional Design – With a fit that protects while offering ideal tire clearance, increased airflow through the lower cutouts, and OEM sensor compatible on trucks lifted at least 6,” this is a design like no others out there!

  • Super Simple Installation – Comes with all necessary brackets for an easy, bolt-on installation that ties directly to the frame for ultimate stability!

Deceivingly lightweight in spite of its rugged, aggressive design, the Vengeance front bumper for the 2019 GMC 1500 gives you excellent protective coverage in the unique styling that only comes from Fab Fours.

A favorable option in aftermarket bumpers when you want your truck to look outstanding whether on or off the road, the Vengeance Series front bumper from Fab Fours is the perfect replacement bumper to serve all your needs!

Fab Fours Vengeance Series Front Bumper For The 2019 GMC 1500

Sleek – Stylish – Stunning


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