Want A Unique Bumper and Grill For Your 2019 GMC HD?

Get The Fab Fours Customizable 2019 GMC HD Grumper!

If you’re looking at a replacement bumper for your 2019 GMC that is tough as nails and looks imposing too, you need the Fab Fours Grumper for GMC HD trucks.

Designed by Fab Fours for both form and function, the Grumper is the best replacement bumper to protect your truck on the trail while turning heads with its aggressive look.

A bumper like no other, the patented Grumper has an unforgettable, ominous look and the strength to back it up.

A winch bumper and grille combined, the Winch tray and wings are made from 3/16″ U.S. Steel while the Grill and inserts are made from 11 gauge Steel.

The Grumper gives you more tire clearance than other off-road bumpers and comes with 9 removable inserts for you to customize its look.

Why should the aggressive yet stylish Grumper by Fab Fours be your choice in off-road bumpers for your 2019 GMC HD truck?

  • Futuristic, Customizable Design – Designed like no other bumper on the road, the Grumper looks like something from the future. With its removable inserts and side mount lighting slots, you can customize your 2019 GMC HD truck for a truly unique look!
  • Impressive Looks – Impressive Performance – Beyond a great design, the Grumper is functional in all the ways you need an off-road bumper to be. It’s winch-ready, offers greater tire clearance, and is made from tough 11 gauge steel that provides optimal protection in the roughest conditions!
  • Simple Installation – Comes with detailed instructions and all the hardware needed for a fast, easy installation. Your Grumper will be on and ready to go in almost no time!

Available in black powder coat or bare metal for easy customization, the Grumper by Fab Fours is the bumper you need for off-roading in style and safety with your 2019 GMC HD truck.

Made right here in the USA, the Grumper stands out from the rest in looks, durability, and everything you need in a unique bumper and grille combo!

The 2019 GMC HD Grumper by Fab Fours

Sophisticated – Aggressive – Winch-Ready!


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Fab Fours’ Truck GRUMPER focuses on aggressive styling, ease of installation and multiple customization options.**US PATENTED**