Want 40” Tires for Your 2019 GMC HD?

Skip the Lift Kit with the 2019 GMC HD Open Fender System From Fab Fours!

One of the big problems with running 40” tires on your 2019 GMC HD truck is the fender clearance issues it causes.

Those big tires might look really great, but you’re not going anywhere if they get hung up in your fenders!

One option for increasing fender clearance is a lift kit, although that can be a pretty expensive alternative.

Lifting your suspension also raises your 2019 GMC HD’s center of gravity which affects its balance and can be dangerous if you do go rock climbing or riding rough trails.

In addition, adding  40″ tires might cause you to lose the basic utility of the truck such as towing capability, factory ride, easy bed access, and more – and you did buy that new 2019 GMC HD to enjoy all of that, right?

The better option – Fab Fours Open Fender System!

Designed for running 40” tires on your 2019 GMC HD with only a leveling kit, the Open Fender System from Fab Fours is the perfect alternative to expensive lift kits or losing use of those amazing basic functions of this truck.

The steel constructed Fab Fours Open Fender System gives your 2019 GMC HD the tire room it needs plus an aggressive stance, all without the full lift!

Why do you need the Open Fender System from Fab Fours when running 40” tires on your 2019 GMC HD?

  • Superior Design – Providing additional clearance using only the included leveling kit, Fab Fours Open Fender System maintains center of gravity and factory ride yet eliminates the need for drop-down trailer hitches!

  • Quality Construction – Made in the USA from strong 11 & 12 gauge US steel at Fab Fours own facility, the Open Fender System is available in matte black 2-stage powder coat finish with epoxy primer or bare steel ready for priming and painting!

  • Optional Flares – Can be used with or without the optional steel fender flares also available from Fab Fours; inner fenders are included with base fenders!

Ready to be professionally installed using the included installation kit, the Fab Fours Open Fender System for the 2019 GMC HD truck offers you an economical, safe option for getting the clearance you need when you want to run 40” tires.

Designed for durability, safety, quality, and great looks, the Open Fender System works with all the other great Fab Fours products offered for the 2019 GMC HD line of trucks!

Fab Fours 2019 GMC HD Open Fender System

Big Tire Clearance Without The Lift Kit!


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