Want A Bumper To Go On and Off Road In Your 2019 GMC HD?

Get the 2019 GMC HD Premium Rear Bumper by Fab Fours!

If you both off-road or tow on the roadways with your 2019 GMC HD, you want mods that can handle both needs with ease.

One thing you really need is a rear bumper that’s tough enough to go off road yet still function with its OEM sensors when you mod up to an off-road-ready bumper.

Fab Fours has just what you need – the 2019 GMC HD Premium Rear Bumper!

Designed with dual functionality in mind, this rear bumper goes from the street to the trail and works great for towing, all without disrupting the parking sensors on your 2019 GMC.

Made from durable formed steel, the premium rear bumper for the 2019 GMC HD provides superior protection for off-roading yet retains the important features you want for street driving.

What makes this Fab Fours mod so valuable to your 2019 GMC HD?

  • Sensor cutouts that let your OEM sensors still function!
  • Comes with 3/16” D-ring recovery points!
  • Includes ¾” D-ring mounts!
  • Has integrated steps next to the tailgate!
  • Retains OEM receiving hitch and wiring locations!

Designed to accommodate all factory bumper features including sensors, the 2019 GMC HD Premium Rear Bumper has exceptional strength and durability to withstand your favorite off-roading adventures!

Why choose the 2019 GMC HD Premium Rear Bumper by Fab Fours?

  • Fab Fours Quality Design – Made with the innovation and excellence expected from Fab Fours products, this bumper is designed to be durable, look good, and out-perform on your 2019 GMC HD truck!

  • Rugged Construction – Made from tough US steel, the Premium Rear Bumper offers strong D-ring mounts and recovery points, integrated tailgate steps, and a tough matte black powder coat finish!

  • Retains Essential OEM Components – Designed with sensor cutouts to retain the functionality of the factory sensors, it also retains the OEM receiving hitch location and wiring for easy towing!

Made in America at Fab Fours own South Carolina production plant, the 2019 GMC HD Premium Rear Bumper is made from U.S. steel and comes finished in 2-stage matte black powder coat.

This bumper from Fab Fours makes the perfect heavy-duty bumper replacement for the OEM bumper on your 2019 GMC HD and will be ready to hit the trail yet be ready for your normal roadway traffic!

Fab Fours 2019 GMC HD Premium Rear Bumper

Rear Protection With Fab Fours Style and Performance!


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