Want A New Off Road Rear Bumper for Your 2019 GMC HD?

Get Fab Fours 2019 GMC HD Vengeance Rear Bumper – Protection Plus OEM Function!

When you want rear protection plus OEM functionality for your 2019 GMC HD truck, Fab Fours offers the 2019 GMC HD Vengeance Rear Bumper that is built tough for off-road durability yet retains the sensor capability that came with the original OEM bumper.

With futuristic styling from optional light inserts thanks to the visionary designers at Fab Fours, it will surely make your truck stand out from the crowd!

American made at Fab Fours South Carolina production facility, the Vengeance Rear Bumper for the 2019 GMC HD is constructed from durable 11 gauge US steel and built to last.

It is compatible with the factory bumper sensors, retains the factory hitch receiver and wiring locations, and includes 2 optional front-side openings to add either four 2×2 dually lights or two 6” light bars, sold separately.

Why should you add the 2019 GMC HD Vengeance Rear Bumper by Fab Fours to your off road truck mods?

  • Nobody Makes It Tougher – Made from 11 gauge US steel rugged enough for the rigors of off-roading yet can still use OEM rear sensors!

  • Styling That Can Be Customized – Finished in 2-stage matte black powder coat, the 2019 GMC HD Vengeance Rear Bumper can be customized by adding optional 2×2 dually lights or 6” light bars!

  • Keep Factory Sensor and Hitch Functionality – Retains OEM bumper sensor compatibility plus factory wiring and hitch locations!

The 2019 GMC HD Vengeance Rear Bumper from Fab Fours is the perfect bumper to bring you exceptional rear-end protection for off-roading and towing in a unique package like no other bumper.

Have the look you want without sparing the function and protection you need!

Fab Fours 2019 GMC HD Vengeance Rear Bumper!

Looks – Strength – Totally Unique


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