Want to Renovate Your Chevy HD Classic Truck’s Rear Bumper?

See New Red Steel Rear Bumpers From Fab Fours!


We know you off-roaders want your road warrior to look distinctive and intimidating, yet how can you do it with an OEM one-look-fits-all concept?

Well here’s a pleasant surprise – the industry-leading gurus at Fab Fours have created Red Steel Rear Bumpers to meet that need!

With an unmatched appearance, you can travel in confidence with your Chevy HD Classic Truck when you add a Red Steel rear bumper from Fab Fours!

We won’t deny it – we are bursting with pride from having designed the new Red Steel bumper series in various makes, models, and years from U.S. steel at our South Carolina plant, bumpers that will let your truck stand out from all the other off-roading trucks out on the trails and cruising the streets.

Still unsure if you really need Red Steel rear bumpers from Fab Fours for your Chevy HD Classic truck?

Check out some thoughts below:

  • No light-weight rear bumper here – Fab Fours aftermarket products are made with U.S. Steel right here in the USA at our South Carolina production plant!
  • Fab Fours product quality is unrivaled and our warranty shows the confidence we have in the endurance of our products!
  • Red Steel Rear Bumpers for Chevy HD Classic trucks were designed to fit the contours of your truck like a glove!

From our inception, Fab Fours wanted to completely alter the aftermarket bumper market – which we have accomplished with Red Steel rear bumpers for Chevy HD Classic trucks!

Your Chevy HD Classic truck won’t look like the other trucks and Jeeps out off-roading when you add Red Steel rear bumpers from Fab Fours – your truck’s rear bumper will truly be in a class by itself.

Come learn this for yourself!

Fab Fours Red Steel Rear Bumpers for Chevy HD Classic Trucks

Clearly A Different Breed!

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