Really Love Your Off-Roading Truck?

Show That Love With Fab Fours’

Truck Fire Pits!

We know how devoted you can be to your main drive, that daily driver that transforms into a rock-crawling, mud-slinging monster when off-road!

We see you out there with t-shirts and jackets and stickers and – well you name it – covered with your favorite ride’s brand.

Are you ready to go one step further to show your love of that special truck in your life?

Fab Fours Now Makes Truck Fire Pits!

That’s right – we knew how much you love your off-roading truck and wanted to create the ultimate way for you to impress friends, family, and neighbors – so we created Chevy HD, Dodge HD, and Ford Super Duty Fire Pits!

What makes our Fire Pits so impressive?

  • True-to-scale 1:4 replica!
  • Liftable weight of 48 lbs!
  • Bare 16-gauge steel to radiate heat!
  • Holds lots of firewood – will burn for hours!
  • Discreet airflow openings!
  • Scaled 40″ Tires!
  • Scaled Truck Matrix Bumpers & Open Fender System!
  • Built-in Bottle Opener – Sweet!

Don’t just dig a round hole in the backyard or campground to use as a fire pit – get a portable Chevy, Dodge, or Ford Fire Pit from Fab Fours and take your campfires to the next level!

Fab Fours Fire Pits

Unique – Sturdy – True-to-Scale

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