Want A Unique New Toy to Match Your Ford Truck?

Fab Fours Now Makes Ford Super Duty Fire Pits!

If you’ve got a Ford truck and love to collect Ford memorabilia, bet you were really upset when Fab Fours came out with a Jeep Fire Pit but not one for your beloved Ford truck.

Worry no more – your time has arrived!

Yes, the guys with Fab Fours now have an incredible accessory for you that’s like no other!

Perfect for setting up in your backyard or even taking along to your campsite, the Ford Super Duty Fire Pit is a unique item that every diehard Ford truck lover must own.

Designed and made exclusively by Fab Fours, the Ford Super Duty fire pit is a scale 1:4 replica of your Super Duty truck, all the way down to the last detail!

And get this – it is outfitted with simulated Fab Fours mods so it looks like it’s ready to tackle the trails!

The Ford Super Duty fire pits are efficiently designed to hold enough firewood for hours of enjoyment, burning longer due to the strategically positioned openings that promote good airflow.

Plus they weigh only 48 lbs, light enough to put in the back of your full-sized Ford Super Duty and bring along on your next apres trail ride event or camping trip!

Here are even more reasons to get this really great fire pit:

  • A Truly Unique Item – What fire pit comes with imitation 40″ tires, look-alike Matrix front bumpers, replica Open Fender System – and a built-in bottle opener!
  • Bare Steel to Radiate Heat – This fire pit really works and heats up like a storm thanks to it being made of bare 16 gauge U.S. steel!
  • Perfect Showpiece – A great showpiece and conversation starter no matter where you are that shows your Super Duty love with a fun accessory like nothing else out there!

Fab Fours has added to their Fire Pits line one to go with your Ford Super Duty truck and it is an amazing accessory that shows the Ford lover in you.

Whether sitting around a fire at home with family and friends or at a campsite after a great trail run, this Fire Pit is a one-of-a-kind piece that every Ford truck lover needs to get right away!

Fab Fours Ford Super Duty Fire Pit

Let Everyone See The Ford Lover In You!


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