Need Fenders To Match Your Jeep JL Grumper?

Fab Fours Has Extraordinary Jeep JL Fenders!

If you have a new Jeep JL Wrangler, you already know there are only so many aftermarket products available right now.

You certainly don’t want to settle for universal parts that don’t quite fit right, especially if you have installed the Grumper – you want Jeep JL fenders!

The Fab Fours Integrated Jeep Fenders are just what you need!

This system was designed specifically to tie in directly with your Jeep JL Grumper to produce the same high quality as all our other aftermarket bumpers and fenders.

Your Jeep JL will look and perform great off-road because Fab Fours always provides:

  • Exclusive DesignFab Fours has specifically designed fenders to integrate seamlessly with the 2nd generation Grumper. This first-of-its-kind integrated fender-to-bumper design gives you great protection and stylish, aggressive good looks. The one-piece, high arching design provides exceptional clearance for using larger tires while blending with the unique Grumper style!
  • Easy One-Piece Bolt-On Installation – One-piece construction means easy installation using just a few bolts. Jeep JL Fenders bolts up to fit your Jeep and Grumper perfectly in only minutes!
  • Highest Quality Construction – Made from 100% American steel, Fab Fours Jeep JL Fenders are tough enough for the trail and will turn heads for sure!

Fab Fours skillfully produces Jeep JL Fenders in our South Carolina factory from the highest quality steel.

We take pride in our designs and workmanship, striving to provide you with great design and unmatched quality.

Fab Fours is recognized as a leading maker of innovative and radical-looking off-roading products for Jeeps.

Our new JL Grumper Fender System promises to give you the protection and performance you need – and the aggressive styling you want!

Want Seamless Jeep JL Fenders For Your Grumper?

Fab Fours Jeep JL Fenders Have The Look You Want!


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AllVengeance Series
Grumper Full Width
Full Guard Winch Mount
Open Fender
Black Steel Elite
Black Steel
Headache Racks
Roof Racks
Side Steps
Winch Mounts



Exclusively for the Jeep JL, The 2nd Gen Grumper focuses on aggressive styling, ease of installation, and multiple customization options.**US PAT #D775,014, D775,015**



Grumper Fender

Exclusively for the Jeep JL, The Grumper Fender focuses on aggressive styling, ease of installation, and one piece construction.




Fab Fours’ Full Width Grumper focuses on aggressive styling, ease of installation and multiple customization options.
**US PAT #D775,014, D775,015**



JL ViCowl

Exclusively for the Jeep JL, The 2nd Gen Fab Fours’ ViCowl focuses on unique styling, added protection and ease of installation. **US PATENTED**




Exclusively for the Jeep JL, The Fab Fours’ Full Tube Doors provides the ultimate aggressive styling, functionality and durability**US PATENT PENDING **



Private: Vengeance Front Bumper

These premium steel bumpers are engineered to be “high and tight” ,lightweight and offer a sleek and stylish finish.



Private: Lifestyle Front Winch Bumper

Fab Fours’ Lifestyle Winch bumper focuses on it’s strength and rock-clearing abilities.



Jeep JL Rear Bumper

Fab Fours’ exclusive Rear Bumper for the Jeep JL encompasses superior strength and signature knife-edge design.



Jeep JL Rock Sliders

Exclusively for the Jeep JL, The Fab Fours’ Light Rock Sliders offer superior strength, unparalleled protection and Unique Styling.



Side Steps

The 10″ large full width stomp pad is made from 13 gauge steel and is enclosed for your safety. Our embossed logo and drain holes provide traction for solid footing.