Want to Upgrade Your Truck’s Rear Bumper?

Check Out Fab Fours Red Steel Rear Bumpers!

Most everyone who off-roads with a truck wants it to be unique and look as intimidating as possible, which if these trucks come off the assembly line with certain rear bumpers, how can this be done?

Well, if you are satisfied with your ho-hum truck OEM rear bumper, then you’ve come to the wrong place.

If you want a radical difference, a truly unique appearance, then welcome to Red Steel Rear Bumpers from Fab Fours!

We are proud to create exceptional rear bumpers for many different years, makes, and models of trucks out of U.S. steel at our plant in South Carolina, bumpers made so your truck stands out from all the other off-roading trucks on the trails and streets.

Besides an unsurpassed appearance, off-roading your truck on the paths less taken are possible when you install Red Steel rear bumpers from Fab Fours.

Making changes to your truck with rear bumpers that have been designed and formed by Fab Fours will yield a genuinely radical truck because:

  • Our Red Steel rear bumpers are designed to fit the body lines and contours of your truck!
  • Fab Fours quality craftsmanship cannot be equaled and our warranty speaks volumes about how confident we are about the durability of our products!
  • No machine-made junky rear bumper here for your truck – Fab Fours is an American company located in South Carolina that designs and manufactures hand-crafted products!
  • Stand out from all the other trucks and Jeeps on the trail because Red Steel rear bumpers from Fab Fours will make your truck a noteworthy exception from drab OEM rear bumpers plus protect both you and your prized off-road warrior!

Fab Fours was founded for one primary reason – to change the market for rear bumpers in a radical way.

We wanted to create an aftermarket line of steel products unlike any others produced for owners of off-road trucks looking for something different.

That is why we have created the Red Steel product line and Red Steel rear bumpers for trucks.

That desire to step-up the non-OEM rear bumper market for trucks is what Fab Fours is all about!

Come find our for yourself!

Fab Fours Red Steel Truck Rear Bumpers

Solid – Dependable – A Cut Above The Rest!


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