See This Decked Out 2019 F-250 Pulling A Crazy Toy Hauler!

When you’re looking for cool ideas to mod your 2019 Ford Super Duty truck, we’ve got some great inspiration for you right here at Fab Fours!

Get a good look at this tricked out F-250 modded with great Fab Fours aftermarket parts that have turned it into the coolest looking truck for hauling this incredible live-in RV-style trailer with room for a rock crawler on the back!

So how did we do it? Check this out!

Wheels and Tires

We started with a gorgeous set of Fab Fours FF521 24x12 wheels, gloss black with the logos and cutouts, then put a set of Kymera M/T 40x15.5 tires on them.

This gave the truck a little more ground clearance, a slightly wider stance, and matched the aggressive design of all the other Fab Fours parts used here.

Open Fender System

To get those 40” tires under there without being forced to do a major mod like a suspension lift, we added the Fab Fours 2019 Ford Super Duty Open Fender System, front and rear.

These fenders open up the whole wheel area so you get the clearance you need by just trimming away the stock fender and bolting on the open ones.

They’re functional, pretty easy to install, and just add to that aggressive look!

No interference getting in and out of the truck, either!

Matrix Series Front Bumper

Combining all the great features of both the Premium and Vengeance bumper lines, the 2019 Ford Super Duty Matrix Front Bumper is a lighter weight bumper with a ton of great features!

Winch-ready for a Warn Zeon 12,00 or lower, the Matrix has D-ring mounts, room for an optional light bar and side cube lights, and a streamlined, high-and-tight design for more tire clearance to go along with those fenders.

Now - are you ready to see how amazingly it all came together in this video?!?

If you’re searching for quality aftermarket parts designed to work together to transform your 2019 Ford Super Duty F-250 into a show stopper, look no further than Fab Fours!

We’ve got everything you need to turn your Ford into an amazing, customized truck that looks and performs like the incredible truck that it is!

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