Six Quick Road Trip Tips

With thousands upon thousands of miles of road to allow us extensive travel throughout North America, you can be on the highway for a long time if you want to. While the basic essentials that you use every day will no doubt be remembered, there are some extra things you can throw in your truck to make your trip a little easier. Here are six quick tips to make your road trip stay as enjoyable as you intended it to be!

  1. Pack Your Truck For Your Adventure - All too often, we see trucks and SUVs heading out into the wilderness with lots of aftermarket parts bolted on, but not a lot of forethought into what they’re actually going to need. Your custom bumper may have a winch installed in it, but do you have a tree strap and shackle ready? What good is a spare tire if you don’t have an off-road jack to get it off? Make sure you have the proper gear packed for the adventure you’re taking!

  2. Pre-Planning - A little pre-planning can go a long way. Check out a map and look at all the places you may be going. Even if you’re just sticking to a rough plan, it’s good to not only be aware of what you’ll be near, but also what you might need. If you’re climbing to an 8,000-foot elevation, you may want to pack a jacket because it’s definitely going to be colder. If you’re heading camping, make sure you’ll be able to get any necessary permits. Have a loose plan in place when you leave and remember to account for more than just drive time - there’s a lot of good stuff to stop and see along the way!

  3. Toll Road Money - Sometimes, late at night, you can hit an unmanned toll station that only takes coins. It’s happened to us before. Had we mapped out every part of our trip in our pre-planning, we might have noticed the toll road, but we didn’t. Thankfully, we had the change. But sometimes you don’t and sometimes there’s a gate that won’t open without the correct change. It’s a silly problem to have, so remember to fill your ashtray or console with enough quarters, dimes, and nickels to get through a few toll booths.

  4. Charge Cords - You’ve probably got four of these hidden in drawers or middle consoles. You can pick up a phone charging cord at almost any store, but they don’t grow on trees so make sure you have at least a couple if you’re heading into the wilderness for a few days. Even if you don’t have reception, taking a bunch of pictures will wear your phone out and require recharging.

  5. Paper Maps - You can still find a paper map at any fuel station convenience store. They may be a little dusty, but even a 10-year-old map road map will still usually be pretty accurate. There are no batteries to die, you can plot your trip (with a pen!) on them, and they’ll still work under trees or in bad weather. Obviously, you’re going to rely on your smartphone’s GPS most of the time, but a backup paper map should always find its way into your glove box if you’re heading out of town.

  6. Tools - The basics in tools can make or break a trip. It may be something as simple to fix as a couple lug nuts on your trailer coming loose, but if you don’t have a tool to take care of it, you could be stranded for hours. Chances are - assuming you’ve departed on your road trip in a reliable vehicle - that you won’t have any issues and you won’t need your tools. But what if you ran across a fellow motorist in need of assistance? You and your tools might be able to save someone’s day!

Heading out of town in your super duty offroading truck for an adventure far from the beaten path may be just what the doctor ordered. Make sure it is everything you hoped it would be by following the above helpful hints – happy trails!

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