Sophistication Meets Functionality in the Vengeance Bumper Series


Any car expert will tell you that those stock bumpers that come standard with your truck, Jeep or Ford Bronco aren’t the best option to use long-term. In fact, these factory-issued bumpers won’t be able to fully protect your vehicle, especially if you plan to travel off-road — and it also won’t allow you to take full advantage of your vehicle either!

Investing in steel aftermarket bumpers is important for the total protection and recovery of your vehicle, from front to back. But what kind makes the most sense for your ride? 

Meet the Fab Fours Vengeance Series

The Vengeance Series offers the sleekest look possible for your vehicle, with an aggressive design that was engineered to offer a lightweight and stylish finish for both the front and rear. The fit of this bumper is high and tight to the frame, with lower cutouts to provide increased airflow while giving off that aggressive vibe wherever you go. 

But it’s definitely not just about the looks here. The Vengeance Front Bumper and Vengeance Rear Bumper are both made from the highest quality premium steel, and manufactured right here in the United States where there are more stringent standards for both the raw material quality and the welding process. Steel made and used in the USA is required to adhere to these more rigorous standards, making your Vengeance Series bumper that much stronger and ready to protect your ride. 

These front bumpers are sensor compatible and allow for a center 20-inch LED light bar, and up to (4) 3×3 cube lights for maximum LED coverage. These steel front bumpers are available in either a pre-runner guard or no guard style. If you want more protection and the ability to add more lights, we recommend the pre-runner guard style. 

What are you waiting for? Isn’t it time to accessorize and protect that brand new truck, Jeep, or Ford Bronco before it’s too late? 

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