Stuck Alone On The Trail? You Need A Good Winch Bumper!

If there is one thing you can count on as an off-roader, always assume that the day will come when you end up stuck with your truck. That may not be a problem when wheeling with a group; however, what if you’re the only one on the trail?

If you're smart and already know the value of winch bumpers, you'll be on your way in almost no time. If you still haven’t put a winch on that rig, you might want to think again. Why? Just read the following to get a real good idea why!

Getting Stuck Can Be Dangerous

Besides the inconvenience of eating up your wheeling time, getting stuck out alone with your truck can be dangerous. The longer you're out there, the more dangerous your situation becomes. Weather, wild animals, and other things can easily become a problem if you are stranded alone.

You only have yourself to either hike back to civilization or do something to get your truck moving again. Leaving the truck could be even more dangerous, as it at least offers you some protection. If you have a winch on your bumper, none of this has to be a concern.

Preparedness - The #1 Rule of Off-Roading

Think about it. When planning your time out on the trail, you always make sure you have all the safety gear and repair equipment you might need in case something happens, right? You have tools and extra fuel, a medical kit, and some survival gear. You’ve already upgraded your truck with better tires and wheels, and maybe even better bumpers. Your truck is more capable than ever, but it’s not invincible.

If you've covered all the other bases for yourself and your truck, you should be including recovery gear as well. Winch bumpers that you can use by yourself are one of the best investments you can make.

Do You Really Need A Winch?

While it’s true that not every single driver out there needs a winch, chances are that if you drive on any kind of rough or soft terrain, like crossing water, or really enjoy pushing your truck’s limits, you should have one. That probably describes nearly every off-roader out there.

You’re also more likely to need a winch bumper if you run a daily driver with minor modifications, as these trucks are naturally less equipped to handle extreme situations. Even trucks with the best modifications can get stuck when you least expect it. Thinking outside the box, a winch can also be used to clear logs and boulders out of your path or even upright an overturned truck. Really pretty useful.

Use the Right Gear With Your Winch

Getting a winch bumper is not the end of the story. First, you need to buy the right one based on the size and weight of your truck. Then you need to get the right gear to use with it. Your winch is more valuable to you with high-quality steel or synthetic cable and other essential gear like a tree strap, a pulley block, and some heavy duty shackles.

A pair of heavy leather gloves will come in handy as will a heavy blanket to drape over your cable to prevent snapback in case it breaks. If you have all of that with you, it should be no problem to get your truck out of a difficult position by yourself.

By no means are equipped winch bumpers inexpensive; however, neither are all those other modifications you’ve made or have planned for your truck. Invest a little bit in your own safety and get a winch installed for that "just in case" moment that could become bigger than you expect. Whether you’re with a group or on your own, a good winch-mounted bumper can save the day - both metaphorically and literally!

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