Summertime Off-Roading Joys With Your Daring Tail-Wagger!

Summertime off-roading season is here and for many that means heading off in your Jeep with family, friends - and your fur-kids too!

Whether you’re headed out just for the day or plan on being out for the whole weekend, be sure your Jeep is properly equipped with all the rescue and emergency gear you need plus whatever additional supplies your dog needs for the trip.

Going off-road with your happy tail-wagger can be loads of fun as long as you prepare for a safe time for your furry family member as well.

Plan ahead with these tips when you’ll be taking your pup with you so everyone stays safe and enjoys the adventure!

1. The Basics for Car Trips with Your Dog

Regardless of whether taking your dog with you off-roading in your Jeep or just going for a road trip to visit someone, the basics of traveling with your dog are always going to be the same.

  • Bring plenty of water as well as food and treats if necessary, something for your dog to drink out of, and make plenty of potty stops.
  • Maybe bring a blanket for your pooch to lay down on when you stop to have your lunch on the trail.
  • Have your dog’s collar, leash, and other care items you might need with you as well as a long lead to tether him to the Jeep when you stop so he can have fun without being an escape artist.
  • Although you hope it doesn't happen, make sure your dog is microchipped in case he or she somehow do get away from you and run off as microchips are a worthwhile investment and instrumental in reuniting lost dogs with their owners.

2. Safety Harnesses and Traveling Crates

Loose dogs inside a car can become flying projectiles during an accident, as dogs will frequently end up hitting the windshield, getting injured themselves, and even injuring the people in the vehicle as well.

The safest place for a dog to ride in any vehicle is in a crate that’s secured in the rear cargo area.

Since it’s unlikely you’ll be taking your dog’s crate with you for an afternoon off-roading, the next safe place for your pet is to be seated in back seat, secured with a car seatbelt harness.

A seatbelt harness will keep your dog restricted to one area in the car and keep them safe as you travel over bumpy trails.

3. Windows, Doors, and Tops - Down and Off?

Another thing to consider when you’re on the trail with your dog is how he or she might act with the car windows down or in the case of some Jeeps, with the doors off.

This is yet another reason why using a doggie seatbelt harness is so important.

It will keep your dog from hanging over an open window or trying to jump out, and prevent them from being bounced out when you have the doors off.

Of course, if your dog is known love jumping out to chase the wildlife, you may be better off leaving the doors on as a minimum and just put the windows and top down.

4. Never Leave Your Dog In the Jeep

Most importantly, never - ever - leave your dog alone in your Jeep in the summertime.

First, this invites the possibility that your pup will damage something trying to get loose to come to find you.

Second, even in a Jeep that’s not airtight, the speed at which the interior of a vehicle can get too hot for a dog and cause life-threatening heatstroke is incredibly fast.

If you bring your dog off-roading with you, intend to have him with you for all the fun, including camping out and going on hikes, not just the ride out there.

Stay Safe Off-Roading With Your Tail-Wagging Friend!

For some, dogs are their best friends who never leave their sides.

So if your dog comes off-roading in your Jeep with you all the time or you’re planning a first-time excursion this summer, follow these tips that will keep your fur-kid safe so everyone stays happy.

Your dog’s tail will be forever wagging from sharing the enjoyment of your Jeep and exploring the trail with you as you both have a fun Jeep adventure!

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