Taking A Ford Super Duty Truck From Stock to Awesome!

Want Great Ideas To Mod Your 2019 Ford Super Duty Truck?

See How We Took A Ford from Stock to Awesome In 3 Days!


If you’re looking for some great inspiration to mod your 2019 Ford Super Duty, check out what’s been done with this one!

The Fab Fours team took a trip to 4 Wheel Parts in Plano Texas to talk to the guys there and watch them tackle this project.

Using the Fab Fours Grumper, ViCowl, Open Fender System, Headache Rack and Modifier, Premium Rear Bumper, plus the new Fab Fours 24” Wheels, this 2019 Ford Super Duty was transformed into the impressive truck you’ll see at the end of this video.

Want to see how they did it and just how easy it was?

Watch the video and follow along with the dialogue!

"Hey guys, we're in Plano Texas at 4 Wheel Parts this week and we're going to have Fab Fours open fenders installed, so let's go inside and check it out."

Installing the Open Fender System

Follow along as the team at 4 Wheel Parts installs the Fab Fours 2019 Ford Super Duty Open Fender System:

  • Cutting the Stock Fenders - Once the stock fenders are removed off the truck, trimming them couldn’t be easier using the included, color-coded template stickers. Just put them on, then cut and drill where indicated for a perfect fit for the fender bases and flares. Trimming out the stock fenders is the hardest part of the entire modification!
  • Installing the Fender Bases and Flares - With the trimmed fenders back on, the fender bases bolt into the underside of the fenders in mere minutes, then the high-arching fender flares attach to the fender bases for an uncomplicated yet secure installation. Just a few more minutes and the entire fender installation is complete!

Adding the Grumper Bumper with Light Bar

Known for its incredibly easy installation, the totally unique Grumper bumper and grille combo bolts on in minutes after being lifted into place.

Using only the few included bolts, the Grumper is then connected with a few electrical wires and ready to rock in less than an hour.

This one was equipped with two 2” Rigid LED cube lights on each side to complete the look - which is awesome by the way!

Installing the ViCowl

Another quick and easy mod, the ViCowl combination visor and windshield surround bolts on even easier with its one-piece construction; once set in place, a few bolts are all that’s needed to complete the installation.

This ViCowl has the added cube lights in the visor for increased lighting out in front of the truck - and makes it look really domineering!

Adding the 24” Wheels with 40” Tires

Getting 40” tires on this truck was so much easier due to the addition of the open fender system and a SkyJacker leveling kit.

The new Fab Fours FF521 24” wheels with 40" Nitto Trail Grappler tires fit comfortably on the truck and look incredible!

Switching Out The Rear Bumper

The stock rear bumper was replaced with the Fab Fours Premium Rear Bumper in just minutes using the included brackets and bolts.

Installing the Headache Rack and Modifier

Like every other Fab Fours part, the Headache Rack and Modifier bolt on securely in minutes, providing rear window protection in a sturdy mod that attaches right to the bedsides!

So there you have it - completed in just three days, all these Fab Fours mods on a 2019 Ford Super Duty couldn’t have been easier!

With parts like this, it’s no wonder Fab Fours leads the pack in terms of tough, durable, and aggressive looking mods that you can add to your truck in a snap - but don't take our word for it; watch the video and read here what Josh at 4 Wheel Parts had to say!

"We're with Josh at 4 Wheel Parts in Plano Texas, so now that the job is done, what do you think about open fenders after the install?"

"Honestly, we do like it here and stuff like that. Besides it had color-colored instructions, the sticker template, and stuff like that, it makes it very comfortable for taping such a new truck. Honestly, very easy, very clean install, very happy with it."

Want to transform your 2019 Ford Super Duty?

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