The Essential Things You Need To Off-Road The Trail Less Traveled!

As fun as the marked trails and well-maintained obstacles can be for a day of off-roading fun in your 2019 Ford Super Duty truck with a winch-mounted bumper, there is also a lot to be said for heading cross-country, away from the crowds, and out into the wilderness.

Off-roading through remote backroad areas can be incredibly enjoyable when you head out with your party to experience open country and all the challenges that come with it, at least as long as you’re prepared for it!

When you want to get away for a while and drive the trail less traveled, you need to bring some things with you to be sure your trip is a fun one and be prepared to get out of trouble in a worst-case scenario.

The Matrix front bumper on your 2019 Ford Super Duty truck can only do so much if you get stuck out in the wilderness.

Use this checklist so you’ve got all the essentials necessary to stay safe and have a great time when you get out your map and start heading down those unmarked trails!

1. A Way To Navigate and Communicate

Above all, you must have a reliable means of navigating out in the wilds as you drive further from civilization and wireless towers because of the definite potential you might lose use of your GPS.

To keep your trip from ending before it even really begins, bring backup navigational equipment with you starting with a magnetic compass and topographic maps.

CB radios are a great backup for communicating when you can’t get a signal on your phone.

There are also some great topographical navigating apps for your phone while you can still get a signal.

2. A Recovery Kit

Probably an obvious inclusion on your list, bring an entire recovery kit so you can actually use the winch on your 2019 Dodge 1500 Matrix front bumpers and winch yourself or your friends out of trouble.

Keep snatch straps, shackles, a snatch block, and other essential winching accessories as well as a pair of leather gloves and a heavy blanket in your truck at all times.

Include a set of traction mats and a small, foldable shovel with your kit to help get you out of bad footing.

3. A Tire Repair Kit and Air Compressor

You’ll also want to bring whatever you might need to repair or remount a tire, including an air compressor that can run off your truck.

Bring a full-sized spare with you as well.

4. Tools and Extra Fluids

Another hopefully obvious inclusion in your emergency preparations is a hand tool kit that includes anything you might need to make a repair in the field.

Add a lithium ion jump start battery setup to your kit, some spare emergency parts such as hose clamps, zip ties, a hose repair kit, bungee cords, and some mighty duct tape so you should be able to make any necessary minor repairs.

Carry extra replacement fluids so you can at least limp back home if there’s a problem you can’t resolve in the field.

5. Flashlights and A Work Light

Lighting is critical for making repairs on the go, so make sure you bring some heavy-duty flashlights and extra batteries.

Beyond these basics, a portable work light would be very helpful, too.

6. Camping and Emergency Supplies

Pack your Dodge or Ford truck with the things you’d need to survive for a few days if you get stuck in a remote location that includes:

  • Extra food, water, and/or MREs more than what you need for your planned trip.
  • Extra clothing, especially socks and warm layers.
  • Rain gear.
  • Space blankets.
  • Hiking boots.
  • Insect repellant.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Sunscreen.
  • A hat.
  • Waterproof matches and/or fire starter and candles.
  • A pocket knife.
  • A manual can opener.
  • Binoculars.
  • A spare set of prescription glasses.
  • Extra personal items or medications you may need.
  • Any other item needed in an emergency for you or your truck.

7. An Advanced First Aid Kit

The first aid kit you take with when you’re headed away from known trails should be one suitable for more than just cuts and scrapes.

Be equipped to handle splinting a broken bone, stop bleeding, and other more severe injuries attention needed until you can get to help.

Add a snakebite kit if you’ll be traveling where there are poisonous snakes, some hand sanitizer, instant heat, ice packs, and other similar first aid items.

Never Fear the Trail Less Traveled

Heading off into the unknown in your 2019 Ford Super Duty equipped with a winch mount bumper can be exciting and lead you to amazing sights and experiences you won't see or do if you stay only on the marked trails.

At the same time, these kinds of ventures can turn into disasters if you’re not well prepared, making it vital to plan your outing by preparing for all the worst-case scenarios possible.

When you’ve got those covered so you can get back home or survive until rescue, then you’re ready to jump in your truck with its 2019 Ford Super Duty Matrix front bumper and have the time of your life!

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