The Perfect One for Everyone — Meet the Vengeance Bumper

lineup of vehicles with vengeance bumpers

Take it from us: most (if not all) factory-standard bumpers are fairly flimsy these days. While they might minimize any damage done to the front or rear of your truck while sitting in traffic, they’re certainly not made with more heavy-duty tasks and adventures in mind. 

That’s why it’s always recommended to upgrade to a steel aftermarket bumper set, especially for those of us who enjoy taking our trucks off the beaten path and into the unknown. But what exactly do you need to look for in a steel bumper upgrade? After all, there’s a ton of options out there on the market. How do you narrow it down? 

Today, we’re showcasing Fab Fours’ Vengeance series – here are the top five reasons the Vengeance bumper is the perfect steel aftermarket solution to consider upgrading your 4×4 or truck with this year. 

Available for All Makes & Models

The Vengeance series is the perfect example of universality at its finest. It’s available for all makes and models, so you don’t need to worry if your particular truck fits this line of bumpers!

Aesthetically Pleasing Design

Let’s be honest — looks definitely play a part in deciding how you want to upgrade different aspects of your truck. Regardless of how functional something might be, we all gravitate towards a certain look of feel. The Vengeance front bumper is super sleek and stylish, and definitely earns itself some recognition in the aggressive-looking department!

Stylish Functionality 

Our bumper’s are lightweight but still manufactured from premium steel, right here in the United States, which means total protection for the front and rear of your vehicle both on and off the road. If you’re looking for something to up your street style game, the Vengeance series is perfect for doing just that. 

High & Tight Fit

The fit of this bumper is high and tight, with lower cutouts that offers increased airflow. This not only helps with that minimalist, “clean” look that’s most popular in the market right now because it compliments the look of your vehicle, but it also maximizes your approach angle. If you’re worried about needing more tire clearance, the Vengeance front bumper series has you covered.  

Custom Options for All 

Just because something is available for all makes and models doesn’t mean it isn’t customizable! Whether you’re looking to integrate LED light bar housing in the center of the bumper, or mounting options for 3×3 dually LEDs for maximum light coverage, your options for customization don’t stop there! 


Take Advantage of Fab Fours’ September 2022 Promo!

During the month of September, Fab Fours is offering an incredible rebate on the Vengeance Series. Purchase a front Vengeance bumper and receive a rebate of $150. Learn more about this limited time offer. 
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