The Top Mods Your Jeep Needs For Mudding!

Mudding can be some of the most fun you’ll ever have with your off-road Jeep; it can also turn into a big headache if you’re not prepared.

If you want to play in the mud puddles and get the most out of it, there are some upgrades you can make to your Jeep to reduce the chance of getting stuck.

Beyond the body armor of Jeep bumpers and other protective gear, you’ll want to make these other mods so you can get dirty without breaking anything.

Bigger, Better Tires

The right tires are vital for getting through deep mud; generally speaking, bigger and wider is better for mud, although aggressive treads are not.

Deep treads that are better for rock climbing will pack mud and reduce traction rather than increase it.

If you’re going to spend most of your time mudding, balloon tires are best. They’re big, fat, and have a large traction patch.

If you’re like most people and don’t want to dedicate your truck to mud-only tires, find a set of all-terrain tires that are known to perform well in the mud.

All-terrain tires are also the best choice if you’re going to be driving your modded Jeep on the road.

Beadlock Wheels

One of the things you’ll want to do before you head into any mud hole is air down your tires.

Doing so will soften the tires so you have a wider traction patch and don't dig into the mud as deeply as fully-inflated tires would.

Anytime you run tires with lower than recommended air pressure, beadlocks are important.

They keep your tire bead locked down so you don’t end up in the middle of a mud hole with a flat.

Custom Bumper with Winch

Recovery gear is essential when you’re doing anything that could leave you stuck and the best recovery gear for pulling you out of the mud is a winch.

Like tires and beadlock wheels, winches mounted on appropriate steel bumpersare required equipment for mudding.

Strong bumpers and properly mounted winches get a lot of use around the mud obstacles.

Performance Shocks

Mudding is hard work on your Jeep.

Even though the surface is soft, you never know what’s on the bottom of that mud hole; thick mud can end up with big ruts.

If you’re planning on hitting the mud, it’s best to upgrade your shocks before you go out.

Mudding gets into the realm of real off-road roughhousing and your stock shocks aren’t enough for that.

There are many shocks available today that are made to improve the performance of your off-road Jeep so you can get through mud, over rocks, and down that bumpy trail with ease.

Suspension Lift

When you’re trying to get through mud, the more ground clearance you have, the better.

Bigger tires will help with that although you can get even more clearance with a suspension lift.

More ground clearance is good for lots of other things besides going through mud too.

If you’re after ground clearance, be sure to invest in a suspension lift, not a body lift that doesn’t increase your ground clearance at all.

Ready To Hit Those Mud Holes?

Of all the ways you can have fun off-roading with a Jeep, none creates the same kind of joy as powering through a mud obstacle.

Mudding does take some practice; however, with the right mods on your Jeep you’ll have a great time without losing momentum and getting seriously stuck.

Suitable tires with beadlock wheels, the right suspension parts, and aftermarket Jeep bumpers equipped with a strong winch will help you master the mud!

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