The Total Value of Fab Fours Toyota Hidden Winch Mounts!

Toyota trucks are some of the most popular trucks on the road today and if you’ve got one, you already know how versatile they are for street driving, off-roading, pushing a snowplow, and whatever else.

Adding a winch to your Toyota truck is a great idea if you use yours where a winch would come in handy but doing it the traditional way can lead to some unwanted effects.

Enter the Toyota hidden winch mount from Fab Fours, the best and easiest way to add a winch to your Toyota Tacoma or Forerunner without all the headache!

The Problem of Adding Winches

A winch is a standard accessory that anyone who really uses their Toyota truck needs for both safety and convenience reasons; however, adding a winch to Toyotas in the traditional way can create some issues.

The traditional means of putting a winch on Toyota trucks and some others is to replace the entire front bumper with a winch bumper. which is pretty costly and it leaves you with a winch that’s visible 100% of the time.

It also adds a lot of extra weight to the nose of the truck that you’ll be driving around everywhere, even if your Tacoma or 4runner is your daily driver.

These factors are common reasons why a lot of owners have skipped the winch on their Toyotas.

Why Install A Hidden Winch Mount On Your Toyota?

If you want to put a winch on your Toyota but don’t want the associated problems, the Toyota hidden winch mount from Fab Fours is the perfect solution for a lot of great reasons:

  • No Need to Replace the Entire Bumper - With a Toyota Tacoma or 4Runner hidden winch mount, the mount installs right over the factory bumper, no major modifications required!
  • Costs Less - Hidden winch mount bumper accessories for 4Runners and Tacomas cost far less than replacing the entire stock bumper with a full-size winch bumper!
  • Weighs Less - Hidden winch mounts weigh around a third that of a typical full-size steel winch bumper!
  • Retains Factory Front End Appearance - The streamline front end look of the truck will change very little, other than the addition of the hidden winch mount accessory over the center of the stock bumper
  • Easy to Install - Can be installed at home with a few tools without the need to remove and replace anything as it bolts to the frame right over the OEM bumper!
  • Tow Hooks and Recovery Points - Fab Fours Toyota hidden winch mounts retain the factory tow hooks and include integrated D-ring mounts, providing stable recovery points.!

An Easy Way to Add A Winch To Your Toyota!

The beauty of owning a truck like the Toyota Tacoma or 4runner is the many ways each can be modified to perform better and be made more useful for fun, work, and everything in between.

Even better, now you can add a winch to each without having to sacrifice the fitted OEM bumper, the high cost of a steel winch bumper, or the additional weight those steel bumpers add.

With a winch discreetly hidden behind a Toyota 4Runner or Tacoma hidden winch mount, you get the power of a great winch without doing a massive front end mod on your truck.

Instead, spend the cash you’ll save on a better winch!

Fab Fours Hidden Winch Mounts

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