The Vital Value of Seal Puncture Repair Kits When Off-Roading!

A rule of the road, whether on road or trail, is to always have your truck totally prepared for your off-road adventure. Off-roading always presents the possibility for you to get stuck or break something. Even if you have upgraded your truck with skid plates, heavy duty truck bumpers, and other protective equipment, your truck and especially its tires are not indestructible.

A seal puncture tire repair kit is a valuable item to have with you, just in case. A puncture repair kit can get you back home safely and easily.

Even the Toughest Tires Can Be Punctured

You have spent a long time choosing the perfect off-road tire for your truck. After investing hundreds of dollars on rugged treads that will handle the trails, your truck can now climb like a mountain goat.

Even though you know it can happen, a puncture through these tough, expensive tires is the last thing you really expect. You may have even left your full-size spare behind to keep your truck lighter. Now what?

Get Back Home With A Seal Puncture Repair Kit

If you are out on the trail in your off-roader with no full-size spare and your tire is punctured, a seal puncture repair kit can save the day. Sold in most auto supply stores, these kits cost less than $10 and make an amazing temporary repair to punctured or sliced tires. All you need is the kit, a jack to remove the damaged tire so you can work on it, and an air compressor to air it back up.

In just a few minutes, you can apply a repair that tightly seals the puncture or gash so your tire is functional again. If you don't hit any obstacles as you are heading back, the patch should be enough to get you back to the road; just take it easy. Then repair or replace the tire before you attempt to go off-roading again.

How Does A Puncture Repair Kit Work?

A seal puncture repair kit for your off-roader contains a supply of plugging cords, a hole reamer, and a plug insertion tool. The application process is pretty simple.

Step 1

Ream out the hole in the tire so it is large enough for the plug and insertion tool to pass through. This is the most difficult part since it can be tough to get through the rubber, especially if the hole is between the treads rather than the sidewall.

Step 2

Once the hole has been reamed out, a plug cord should be threaded onto the insertion tool. The insertion tool looks like a giant, upside-down sewing needle with an opening at the bottom of the eye and a sliding collar on the shaft. Using the tool, push the plug cord most of the way into the hole, stopping with the ends still visible on the outside of the tire.

Step 3

Next, simply push the collar against the ends of the plug cord to keep it from backing out and slide the insertion tool out. The plug stays in, sealing the hole. Use one plug for a puncture and multiple plugs to seal a long gash. This is all there is to it and your puncture will be sealed so you can be on your way again.

Do yourself a favor before you go off-roading again - pick up a seal puncture repair kit. For such a low price, this little kit can save you a lot more in aggravation and even towing costs. When you consider what replacing a damaged tire will cost, a seal puncture kit is a good investment. Along with your other onboard safety gear, such as roll bars, stronger suspension system, and a good sturdy bumper with a winch, have a couple of kits so you never drive off without one!

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