Thought About Adding A Train Horn To Your Off-Roader?

When you are out on the trail, it is your responsibility to make sure that everyone else on the trail with you is aware of your presence. Yes, every off-roading truck has a horn - but can it actually be heard over the noise most drivers hear inside their vehicles?

Between the rattling and bumping of truck bumpers when driving rough terrain to the sound of the motor and exhaust, you need something loud enough so others will notice you. A train horn is the perfect answer!

What Is A Train Horn?

Train horns, also known as air or trumpet horns, are aftermarket horns that can be added to any truck or Jeep, just like a special suspension system or custom front truck bumpers. Aptly named because they look like smaller versions of the air horns on trains, these noise devices are much louder than the stock horn, which makes them great for off-roading.

Train horns are available in single, double, triple, and even quadruple trumpet styles depending on how loud you want to go. They and the required air source can be easily mounted onto your off-roading truck front bumper.

Why Install A Train Horn?

While train horns may look cool, they are actually an important safety accessory for off-road vehicles. Consider the following ways a train horn can help whether you are out trail riding or just taking turns getting over obstacles at popular off-roading sites:

>>>>Warn Others of Your Approach - Being seen by all drivers and bystanders is critical to prevent accidents and injuries. A loud train horn can announce your approach when traveling along winding or covered trails where you can't see another vehicle on the trail and vice-versa. It can get the attention of spectators and bystanders at driving sites who may just be watching the off-road activity. This type of warning is especially important to warn others as you prepare to climb over big hills or rocks as well as when you take the time to enjoy riding the trails at night.

>>>>Safely Scare Away Animals On the Trail - If you have been off-roading in remote locations, chances are you have come across deer and other wildlife on the trail. Deer are notorious for jumping out from nowhere and running into vehicles, causing damage to your truck bumpers and injuring themselves. The loud blast from a train horn is very effective at startling animals and scaring them away, reducing the possibility of accidentally hitting one of them.

>>>>Signal for Help - Loud train horns can be vital if you break down or are injured on a remote trail and get separated from your group. They are loud enough to be heard for quite a distance and can be used to sound a specific distress signal.

The only place you should not us a train horn is on the open highway and roads as these horns are illegal in some states. Install one on a front bumper but don't use it when on regular roads. You want to avoid getting a citation if you use a train horn in traffic rather than your stock horn.

Staying safe should always be your main priority when you head to the trails or meet up for some fun hill or rock climbing with your truck. In the off-roading community, train horns are considered to be safety equipment, like off-road rear truck bumpers and recovery gear. They aren't just horns that produce a loud sound. Make sure everyone hears you coming by installing one of these useful horns on your off-road truck today!

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