overland camping tent rack

A truck bed rack is a great way to increase your cargo capacity and enhance the overall functionality of your truck. Whether you’re preparing for your next camping adventure or gearing up for a cross-country road trip, it is important for your truck rack system to be built solid and equipped to support all your gear. 

Not all truck bed rack system are created equal. No matter what rack system you choose, it is an investment that should last you a lifetime. However, that is not always the case. Many truck owners are unpleasantly surprised when the truck rack they ordered doesn’t fit their truck bed or doesn’t stay in place when they hit the trails. Keep reading to discover three common truck bed rack issues so you can avoid a major headache and find the best truck bed rack for your vehicle. 

Not Sturdy Enough

When purchasing a new bed rack system, it is important to keep in mind the weight limit. After all, the sole purpose of the rack system is to increase the amount of cargo your truck bed can carry. This is why the rack system should be constructed of high-quality US steel and be able to stay in place when things get rough on the trail. 

Note the weight limits for both static weight and dynamic weight. Dynamic weight refers to the amount it can hold while in motion. Static weight is particularly important for overland tent users. Remember: the rack system should be able to hold your weight and then some. 

As many avid campers know, roof access is not always easily accessible. The best truck bed rack system will have multiple step locations for convenient and easy access to all your gear. 

Not Enough Mounting, Tie-Down, or Accessory Points

The number of mounting points and their locations are important to note when shopping for a new truck bed rack system. Mounting and tie-down points should be found all along the outside of the rack and provide you with multiple options for securing your gear.  

Consider what accessories you might want to add to your rack system. LED light pod mounts are a great way to add visibility and functionality to your camping experience. 

Not Adjustable

Finding a truck bed rack system that is fully adjustable is important for two main reasons. First, it will ensure that the rack will fit perfectly on your truck bed. Second, it will keep you from having to buy a new rack system for each new truck you own. The rack system should be easily installed and uninstalled for convenient transfer to any new truck or Jeep Gladiator.  

The Solution: Fab Fours’ Adjustable Rack System

Fab Fours kept these common truck rack system issues in mind when they designed their Adjustable Rack System. Not only is this truck bed rack system completely expandable and adjustable, but it looks better than any other rack system on the market. This ARS is made of 11-gauge steel and protected by their 2-stage matte black powder coat with epoxy primer. Get geared up for your next camping adventure and look good while doing it. 

The features of this ARS don’t stop there. This truck bed rack system includes 4 step locations for easy roof access and there are mounting and tie-down points of plenty. Gone are the days of frustrating road-trip packing. With this rack system, you can easily navigate all around the outside of your truck bed. The Adjustable Rack System also includes 4 LED light pod mounts for quick and easy light mounting. 

Did we mention that this rack system is universal? Due to its adjustable capabilities, this rack system fits on virtually any truck or Jeep Gladiator. All of these features make this rack system best truck bed rack on the market. No more wasting money on new rack systems when you upgrade your truck, this rack is with you for life! 

Still on the fence? This month only, Fab Fours is sending customers a $200 rebate for all purchases of their Adjustable Rack System or Overland Racks. This is a great time to find a bed rack for your Toyota Tacoma, Jeep Gladiator or any other vehicle you may have.

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