Top 10 Tips To Pick The Right Replacement Bumper – Part 2

In the first part of this series linked here on replacement bumper selection, we talked about things like bumper style and construction and finding the right one that will serve your needs based on what you like to do with your off-roading truck or Jeep.

Now here’s five more tips on aftermarket bumper selection discussing different features that may interest you and how they can benefit your off-roading adventures!

6. Bumper Width

Bumpers come in three basic widths, each of which better serves a different purpose.

  • A full-width bumper protects from side-to-side but might affect tire clearance if you’re planning on adding bigger wheels and tires.
  • A mid-width bumper typically ends before the fenders begin, its purpose being to give you better protection without interfering with those bigger wheels and tires.
  • A stubby bumper is a short bumper that’s about the width of your grille providing basic protection to the most critical part of your truck or Jeep but without tire interference or extra added weight.

7. Bumper Mounting

Bumpers can be mounted on bumper brackets that bolt onto various parts of the underside of the vehicle or mounted directly onto the frame.

If you plan on doing anything with your truck or Jeep that requires the bumper to actually protect it or want to add a winch or other recovery points, it’s essential to buy a frame mount bumper.

Any bumper that isn’t mounted directly to the frame should not be trusted as a recovery point or used for winching, towing, or any other activity that could go seriously wrong if the bumper gets ripped off.

8. Protective Finish

Replacement bumpers typically come in two finishes:

  • Paint - A less-expensive covering that will keep your bumper looking good for a while yet scratches easily and won’t necessarily prevent corrosion after some time.
  • Powder Coating - Comes in flat or glossy and is a more expensive option but looks even better than paint, is tough, won’t scratch, prevents corrosion, and even stands up to some impacts.

If you want a replacement bumper for more than just looks, powder coating is the way to go.

9. Winches and Recovery Points

Want to add a winch and some shackles to your bumper so it’s more useful?

You’ll have to look for bumpers designed with a winch bracket or room to install one and shackle mounts welded on.

If you plan to use a winch and various recovery points on your bumper at all, it’s critical to buy a frame-mounted bumper to avoid someone getting hurt or something breaking.

10. Lighting Options

Optional lighting is great when you drive in fog or like to off-road at night and it just looks cool too!

Some bumpers include lighting mounts to fit cube lights, light bars, fog lights, spotlights, and others.

Choose based on your need or whatever you think looks best and helps create the look you’re after for your truck or Jeep.

Looking Back

So, there you have it - 10 important details about replacement bumpers that can help you know heads from tails when you start looking for a great aftermarket bumper for your truck or Jeep.

The only other detail to consider is price and like many other things, remember that you get what you pay for when it comes to high quality, great materials, useful designs, and stunning features.

A well-made aftermarket bumper with the features you want and need is a great update for your off-road, utility, or show truck or Jeep!

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