Top Off-Roading Tips – Are You OMG Prepared?

When you head out into the backwoods in your off-road truck or Jeep, the last thing you’re likely thinking of is OMG, what might go wrong.

Hopefully, you’re thinking of better things like all the fun you’ll have, all the obstacles you can try to navigate, all the great scenery, and how to fit as much fun into your day as possible.

Still, it’s important that you are prepared just in case something does go wrong.

Prepare your vehicle with the right equipment like steel bumpers, a winch, and other important recovery gear.

Prepare yourself and your passengers with essential safety gear and important items that can help you when things don’t go exactly as planned.

Prepare Your Vehicle for Off-Road Mishaps

Off-roading, by its very nature, is about pushing limits and taking some risks.

Even when you carefully plan your activities, things can go wrong, you could make a mistake, or just have some bad luck.

With your truck or Jeep prepared for such instances, you can rebound and correct the problem, many times without losing the whole day.

===> Have A Winch Bumper - Jeep and truck winch bumpers are a critical item that can get you out of all kinds of predicaments.

Whether you end up stuck, something is in your path, or you come across someone else who needs help, winches are essential strength you need to correct some major problems so you can keep on going.

===> Recovery Gear - In addition to a winch, be prepared with snatch recovery gear just in case you can’t use the winch.

Carry everything needed to get yourself or someone else unstuck and back on the trail.

===> Fire Extinguisher - Fires can happen for a number of reasons when your vehicle is working hard and heating up.

Keep close at hand a fire extinguisher that can handle chemical or electrical fires so you can put one out quickly before someone gets hurt or much damage is done.

===> Glass Breaker and Seatbelt Cutter - In the event that you crash or roll over onto your steel bumpers, having these simple tools handy and accessible inside your vehicle can save a life.

===> Carry A Jack and Spare - Although this should go without saying, always carry a full-size jack and a spare tire with you whenever you go off-road.

It’s a simple fix in the event you damage a tire. Without these two items, your entire day could end up ruined.

Prepare Yourself for Unexpected Events

While preparing your vehicle might seem like second nature, it’s important that you don’t forget to prepare for yourself, too.

A problem with your Jeep or truck could mean extended time out in the heat or cold.

An injury could turn into a serious condition if not properly dealt with at the scene.

===> First Aid Kit - Always off-road with a good first aid kit packed in the back.

Prepare for things like cuts, burns, sunburn, heat stroke, broken bones, and other situations you could experience while off-roading away from civilization.

Choose a kit with suitable supplies to deal with a variety of injuries or conditions, not just one needing a few band-aids and some antibiotic cream.

Bandaids and ointment won’t offer you much help if someone ends up more than just a superficial cut.

===> Spare Clothes and Bedding - You never know when you could end up stuck for hours or even overnight.

If you’re going out in the backwoods, carry some spare, warm clothing and blankets or sleeping bags to protect you in case you are stranded.

===> Rain Gear - Nothing makes off-roading problems exponentially worse than having to deal with them in the rain.

Keep rain gear in the vehicle to keep yourself warm and dry in case you get stranded or need to deal with vehicle problems in bad weather.

===> Extra Water and Food - Staying hydrated is critical, whether you’re only out for a few hours or get stranded due to problems with your truck or Jeep.

Carry plenty of extra water for everyone in your party to prevent dehydration.

Extra emergency rations or snack foods are also helpful so everyone can keep their strength up to focus on dealing with whatever emergency is at hand.

Jumping in your off-road truck or Jeep and heading out to the trails should always be loads of fun. Yet those OMG unexpected things do happen.

Expect the unexpected by preparing your vehicle and yourself with the basic needs to handle minor breakdowns, injuries, and whatever else might go wrong.

Hopefully you won’t ever need to use these preparations and if you do, your pre-planning will go a long way to getting you back home safely!

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