Top Off-Roading Tips – What About Mods?

When your off-road adventures start pushing the limits of your truck or Jeep, you have two choices.

You can either stay safe and comfortable on those trails you enjoy or think about modifying your vehicle so you can do more.

Some modifications, like truck winch bumpers, are more essential safety gear to protect your vehicle and give you the power for winch recoveries and are recommended for anyone who likes to off-road and could end up stuck.

Some mods like performance upgrades can help increase your vehicle’s performance so you can do more with it.

Some are just plain unnecessary, just a way to spend your money on things you don’t really need.

If you're looking to improve performance, consider these basic mods that can give you more power, traction, and other things to ramp your off-roading up a notch.

Skip the more specialized mods until you try more extreme activities and know you really need them.

1. Off-Road Tires

Better off-road tires are one of the first and easiest modifications that off-road owners make when looking to improve the performance of their truck or Jeep.

Stock all-terrain tires may be good for a while; however, once you want to start tackling rougher terrain and bigger obstacles, you need taller and wider tires.

Depending on what you like to do with your vehicle, choose a set of mud-terrain tires if you want to handle more mud or rock crawling tires if you want to travel aggressive trails and hills.

2. Off-Road Steel Bumpers

Heavy duty replacement bumpers are another fairly easy mod to make.

While they don’t necessarily improve your performance, they do give you supreme protection and provide a sturdy place to mount a winch.

Steel bumpers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit all vehicles; they provide superior protection to the front and rear of your vehicle.

3. Differential Lockers

Many trucks now designed with off-road features have push-button locking differentials that lock the two wheels on the same axle so they turn together, not independently; this is preferable for off-roading and can improve traction.

If your vehicle does not have a locking differential, you can install ones that allow you to lock the differential when needed.

4. Upgraded Suspension

The stock suspension on your 4WD truck or Jeep is designed to be more rugged than one on a 2WD vehicle.

Once you start tackling rougher trails and more challenging obstacles, it may not be enough.

Suspension mods are some of the more popular mods that off-roaders make to improve their performance, starting with stronger shocks or even adding complete suspension lifts.

The rougher the going, the stronger a suspension you need.

Suspension lifts will also give you higher ground clearance so you can get over obstacles more easily.

5. Water Snorkel

Fording water is a really fun thing you can do with your off-road truck or Jeep.

When the water is shallow, you probably don’t need to do anything special other than cross slowly and keep moving forward.

Once you start getting more adventurous and want to try crossing deeper water, you probably want to look into getting a snorkel kit.

Snorkels cover your air intake and bring it up toward the top of your vehicle to keep water out of the intake.

If you need a snorkel, it’s probably a good idea to look into other accessories that seal off critical parts of your motor, exhaust, and drivetrain, like breathing tubes, water plugs, and seals.

Ready To Make Some Mods?

There are many more modifications you can make to your truck as your off-roading gets more advanced.

These are some of the more common, first upgrades that most people get.

If you decide to go more extreme in your travels, check out the many protective and performance upgrades you can do to improve performance and keep your off-road truck or Jeep safe!


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