Truck Bumpers – Stylize Or Replace With Aftermarket Ones?

The way you stylize your truck says much about the way you use it. Aftermarket truck bumpers and Jeep bumpers aren’t for everyone. Some people like their factory bumpers and find them effective for the way they use their trucks. For some owners, it’s just a style thing, and we must admit there are some better looking bumpers being put out by Chevy, Dodge, and Ford these days. But nothing is going to give you the protection of a heavy-duty premium steel truck bumper like a Fab Fours unit.

That being said, certain owners find they don’t need the protection and extra clearance gained with a complete bumper replacement, but they still need the ability to adapt accessories to suit the use of their trucks.

Advantage - Adaptability

One of the biggest advantages to an aftermarket steel truck bumper is the ability to adapt multiple items that you need for your work and life. Winches can be added, off-road lights and fog lights can be added. And the solid platform gives you the option to customize a multitude of other adaptions like antennas, compressors, etc.

This is why Fab Fours has exclusive winch mounts that bolt on the front of a completely stock truck to work in conjunction with the factory bumper. The winch mounts are bolted into the existing holes for the factory tow hooks and relocate the tow hooks further out on the winch mount.

Advantage – Permanent Mounting

This gives a permanent mounting solution that not only allows you to retain your tow hooks, but also gives a platform to add your accessories to. Not only is a full-size winch now an option, but large auxiliary off-road lights can be added to the frame of the winch mount.

Advantage – Direct Front Protection

Besides the obvious mounting capabilities, the winch mount provides a big step in direct front protection as well. The fully-welded one-piece unit can withstand a much harder hit without distorting than a truck solely equipped with a stock bumper. If you’re looking for a bit of added headlight and grill protection, there is a full brush guard or pre-runner guard options available to add to the winch mount, too!

While each winch mount model is specific to the truck it’s adapted to, there is model for all major brands - Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Nissan, and Toyota. Each unit slightly varies in exterior design to perfectly match the model of truck that it’s going on.

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