Turning A 2018 Dodge Ram Longhorn HD Into A Custom Beast!

Ever Thought About Modding A 2018 Dodge Ram Longhorn HD?

Build Your Custom Beast As Easily As We Did!


With all the great parts available from Fab Fours these days, turning a stock truck into a custom dream is easier than you might think!

Check out in this video how we modded a new 2018 Dodge Ram Longhorn HD at Kernersville Dodge in South Carolina to see what you can do by adding Fab Fours Open Fender System #40s No Lift, ViCowl, Grumper front bumper and grille, Vengeance rear bumper, Kymera 40" M/T tires, and our new 24” wheels!

"Alright! I’m at Kernersville Dodge with my boy Ivan, got to do this whole build on this truck. I guess they left you alone on this?

"Yeah I guess they did that!"

"We'll be here for emotional support.

"We’re basically going to bust out a no-lift #40's Kit, Fab Fours FF 521 24's Wheels, 40” Kymera tires, a Grumper, and a ViCowl.

We're going to give him 2 or 3 days. Good luck man, here we go!"

Template Mounting

Installing Fab Fours Open Fenders on a 2018 Dodge Ram Longhorn HD was easy using the included templates to guide you every step of the way.

After removing the fenders off the truck, the templates were stuck on at the instructed points and trimmed.

Cutting Process

Each template is marked with positioning, cutting, and drilling points, so there was no way to mistake how these parts needed to be modified.

Fender Base Install

Once the stock fenders were cut and drilled to fit, installing the fender base was a snap.

The base parts were clamped and secured with the included, press-in anchor fasteners and it was ready for the flares.

Flares and Inner Fender

Once the fender base was on, the inner fender just bolted right to the underside and the flares on the outside and in a matter of minutes, it was done!

Rocker Channel Plates

In preparation to putting on the Grumper bumper and grille combo, some easy-install rocker channel plates were bolted on and then the rest was simple.

Grumper Install

After connecting a couple of wires on the inside, the whole bumper was lifted into place and bolted on in minutes - it was literally that easy!

With the bumper fully installed, optional lighting was added to this custom build including dually cubes in the corners and a light bar in the middle.

ViCowl Install

If you thought putting the Grumper on seemed easy, the ViCowl is even easier.

The Grumper was just lifted into position around the truck’s windshield, set it on, and tightened down a few bolts - that’s it!

Kymera M/T 40" Tires//FF21 Wheels

On this custom, we chose to mount rugged Kymera M/T 40” tires on FF 521 24” wheels, both of which fit perfectly under those new Open Fenders, no suspension lift needed, and no interference at all.

And It's For Sale!

Our build already had the Vengeance Series rear bumper installed and now that it’s got everything else - what a truck!

Plus, this great build is for sale at about the price of a stock 2019 Platinum Super Duty - a really bad ass rig sitting on those great 40's ready to hit the roads!"

Get more information about the Grumper, ViCowl, Open Fender System, Kymera M/T Tires, 24" Wheels and Wheel Rings plus additional ideas for modding your 2018 Dodge Ram Longhorn HD at www.fabfours.com!

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