Upgrade Your Black Steel Bumper With These Customizations

GMC truck with black steel bumper on it

You’ve decided it’s time to upgrade your truck from its stock bumper to a steel aftermarket bumper that will increase the protection level and utility of your vehicle. But now it’s time to determine the type of bumper you want to install.

First, ask yourself a few questions:

  • How much does style and the bumper’s look matter to you?
  • Are you concerned more about functionality and utility or strength and durability — or both?
  • What size or weight are you looking for? 
  • How important are add-ons and other options to your bumper design?

Answering these questions will help you to narrow in on the perfect design for your steel replacement bumper. 

Now, if you realized that add-ons and additional options are very important, either because you like the extra flexibility or because you’re using your truck for something that requires a few different capabilities, then you should consider the Fab Fours Black Steel Bumper

The Black Steel Front Bumper is a unique spin on the ranch bumper you know and love — but with a twist. This bumper lines up perfectly with the body of your truck, free of any vertical flanges or tapered edges. 

But maybe the most unique part about this particular bumper is the level of customization you can do to really make it your own. Whether you want a full guard, pre-runner guard, or no guard at all, the Black Steel Front Bumper comes any way you want it. 

But your options don’t just stop there. You’ve got the option to add any number of the following:

  • 3×3 cube lights
  • A winch tray
  • Bolt on D-Ring mounts
  • High flow lower guard
  • Light lower guard
  • A replacement front lower guard vertical plate

This utilitarian bumper selection was created to perfectly fit your lifestyle needs. Whether you’re a rancher or just in need of full front-end protection for off-roading excursions, installing the Fab Fours Black Steel Bumper is the right place to start. 

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