Want to Go Overlanding? Better Get These 7 Essentials First!

Overlanding can be loads of fun when carefully planned beforehand as with this type of adventuring, it is important to have the right equipment and bring the right gear along when loading up your off-road truck or Jeep to head out for a weekend on the trails.

Since overlanding is about both the journey and the experience, be sure to bring these seven essential items along with so your trip is a great one!

1. Rugged Off-Road Tires and Spare

If your tires can’t put up with the trail, you won’t be getting very far!

As with any other off-roading activity, be sure to have tough all-terrain tires with tall, strong sidewalls that will function on a variety of surfaces and withstand airing down for more traction.

Since street tires are obviously not going to get you very far, don’t even try to go overlanding without specific off-road tires.

Be sure to always bring a full-size spare along and a suitable jack.

2. Air Compressor and Pressure Gauge

When going off-road with a loaded-up truck or Jeep, anything done to improve traction over difficult spots can help you keep going.

Reducing air pressure in the tires by airing down some can provide better traction over rocky terrain or soft going in order to not end up stuck.

Carrying a compressor and tire gauge set along provides the ability to air down as needed, then air back up to reduce stress on your tires going over more solid, level ground.

3. Tire Repair Kit

Since tires are half of the equation for safe travel over the variable terrain you’re likely to encounter while overlanding, add to your list of tire necessities to not leave home without a good tire repair kit.

It is possible to handle a slow leak or a puncture quite easily and keep rolling on that tire with a quick patch, just be sure you learn how to use a tire repair kit before leaving to be ready for any minor tire emergency. 

4. Upgraded Shocks

Chances are if heading out in a 4x4 that’s equipped with an off-road package, you’ve already got a sturdier suspension than the standard stock version.

To further reduce the chance of killing your shocks, swap them for superior ones that can handle the ups and downs better.

Large-diameter, mono-tube shocks are a great choice for vehicles going off-road or carrying loads, both of which will be done when overlanding in your truck or 4X4.

5. Winch and Recovery Gear

Have a way to get unstuck when overlanding or your entire trip could be ruined.

At the very least, have recovery straps and shackles onboard that are suitable to use on with your truck or Jeep when traveling with others - and of course having a winch attached to the front bumper is also recommended.

If traveling alone, a winch on the front bumper is essential in order to pull yourself out of a sticky situation with no other vehicles around.

Add a trail shovel and chainsaw to get out of most situations as well as to cut some firewood for your Jeep fire pit at the campsite!

6. A Means of Communication

Another safety essential to bring in your off-road truck or Jeep especially if planning on simply going where the urge strikes is a radio to communicate with the outside world.

GPS and phone use cut off when traveling beyond the range of cell towers, so you’ve got to rely on other means.

You or another party member should have either a CB or dual wave radio that has a much broader range and a satellite phone is another option.

7. Creature Comforts

Last of all, what is overlanding without a few creature comforts to make it more enjoyable?

Whether camping on the ground or in a roof style tent on an overland rack, you do need a tent and sleeping bags to be protected from the elements and get a good night’s sleep out in nature.

You’ll also want to bring a high-quality cooler that can stay cold for extended periods to protect any perishable foods.

Another option is a 12-volt electric cooler or freezer that can keep food cold indefinitely while eliminating the problem of water from melting ice pooling on the inside.

Ready to Go Overlanding and Disappear for A While?

When setting out on the trail in your modded weekend warrior for a few days or more, a final destination doesn’t matter nearly as much as how you get there.

Prepare with these essential off-roading basics in order to avoid problems yet still handle unexpected situations if necessary.

Include a first aid kit and whatever other amenities are desired and you’ll be good to head out into the sunset to experience a unique overlanding adventure!

Happy trails!

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