Want to Upgrade Your OEM Stock Bumper? Get Useful Tips Here!

The weakest component on your off-road, work, or performance truck is usually that OEM factory bumper.

It might be stronger than what’s on a standard truck or car, but it just can’t put up with the type of abuse it could face when you take your truck and head to the trails.

If you’re an avid trail rider, like rock crawling or other more challenging off-road obstacles, or even use your truck for work-related duties, it’s pretty easy for that stock bumper to end up damaged. 

So What Can I Do About It?

Thankfully, you’ve got a few things going in your favor in spite of that flimsy stock bumper.

  1. Of all the modifications you can make on your truck, the bumpers and tires are the easiest ones to do.
  2. There’s a whole world of options out there for you to choose from.

To help you make your choice, check out these helpful tips on the benefits of adding an aftermarket bumper and how to choose one. 

Why Should I Upgrade My OEM Truck Bumper?

Switching out a factory bumper is one of the most popular and easy modifications that truck owners tend to make because they are an easy and affordable option that doesn’t usually require other, more expensive, or complicated modifications to happen at the same time, like modifying the suspension.

That said, why would you even want to take the stock bumper off your truck and replace it with an aftermarket one?

  • Stronger and More Protective - The primary reason why anyone using their truck off-road or in any other strenuous capacity replaces their OEM bumper with an aftermarket bumper is for sheer strength and durability. OEM bumpers are flimsy in comparison and provide little protection, whereas tough steel aftermarket bumpers offer greater front end protection.
  • Vehicle Customization - Whether you’re in need of accessories for off-roading like a winch, reliable tow hooks, or added driving lights or need specific front or lower guards to protect the truck while performing certain work, an aftermarket bumper with the necessary add-ons and options allows you to customize your truck as you want so it’s useful for your needs.
  • Improved Looks - Custom aftermarket bumpers can be a stylish improvement that dramatically changes the look of the front end of your truck and can even make the rear look a little better, too.

Which Aftermarket Bumper Is Right for Your Truck?

When choosing the replacement bumper for your truck, you have a lot of choices and choosing the right one involves answering a few questions and knowing what qualities the bumper must have to fill your needs:

  • Bumper Style - The style or type of non-OEM bumper you replace your stock bumper with should correspond with what you plan to do with the truck. Work trucks, off-road trucks, daily drivers, and show trucks all have different styles, so the bumper you choose should match the style and purpose of the vehicle.
  • Bumper Weight - Steel bumpers can be extremely heavy, making it important that you determine whether front end weight is an issue for your truck considering its purpose, then choose one not too heavy or it could affect the suspension or even the truck’s balance.
  • Bumper Size - Again depending on the way you’ll use the truck, choose a bumper that’s slim and sleek for a streamlined look or tough enough to provide necessary protection.
  • Available Accessories - From extra fog lights and decorative light bars to front guards, winch attachments, and more, there are a ton of accessories available for some bumpers to make them look nicer and be more useful.
  • Price - Aftermarket bumpers can cost as little as a few hundred dollars up to a few thousand. Keep in mind the proverbial "you get what you pay for" when it comes to steel components. How they are designed and assembled as well as the quality of the steel will affect the price.

Ready to Go Aftermarket Bumper Shopping?

Adding a great aftermarket bumper to your truck, whether used for fun or for work, is one of the easiest and most sensible modifications you can make.

A good bumper protects the critical parts of your truck when there is a higher risk of damage than with a truck driven solely on the street - and that aftermarket bumper just looks cool, too.

Now that you know why to modify and how to make the right bumper choice, what are you waiting for?

It’s time to start checking out all those great replacement bumpers from Fab Fours!

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