Ways to Keep Your Toyota Taco Safe on Friday the 13th!

With Friday the 13th tomorrow, the superstitious among us will probably be stepping over sidewalk cracks, avoiding ladders, and playing it safe to avoid having an unfortunate accident on this fateful day.

If you are an off-road Toyota Tacoma owner, you probably want to avoid unlucky blunders as well.

Keep that Taco safe this Friday the 13th with these helpful tips for having fun without the mishaps!

Don’t Have An Accident

On this unluckiest of all days, some think mishaps are more likely to happen, including car accidents.

A wreck in your Toyota Tacoma would really be a shame, especially if it kept you off the trails for a while.

The good news is that accidents can be avoided, from spilling hot coffee at work to all the other silly accidents that can happen in a day taken off to hit the trails in your Taco.

By driving with care, it is possible to have a great and safe day away from the maddening crowds since most everyone else will probably be at work.

Just don’t forget to bring a buddy along - not in case you have an accident since that is not going to happen - but to share the experience!

Don’t Let A Black Cat Cross Your Path

Black cats are supposed to bring bad luck especially on Friday the 13th, so they should always be avoided, right?

Unfortunately, a black cat could cross in front of you when driving across town or through a neighborhood on this day.

What a better way to avoid all the black cats and the bad luck they might bring by spending time in your off-road Toyota Tacoma on the trail instead!

If the weather is decent, try some overlanding for a long weekend by adding a great Toyota Tacoma overland rack from Fab Fours and head out of town for a few days.

Deer, squirrels, foxes, and maybe even a bear might cross your path out in the woodlands, but there won’t be any bad luck black cats.!

Make Big Mod Purchases Earlier

There is another Friday the 13th superstition that says to avoid making big purchases on this day because something bad will happen with them.

Know what that means?

If wanting to buy a Toyota Tacoma overland rack or any other modifications for your off-road warrior, do it well in advance of the 13th!

Chances are purchases like that will be done ahead of time anyhow in order to be ready to roll on Friday the 13th. 

Don’t Break Those Mirrors

The superstition says that bad luck happens to anyone who breaks a mirror on any day, let alone Friday the 13th, so how can that be prevented from happening?

Best idea yet, spend the day having fun off-roading in your Tacoma!

Practice safe driving by staying on the trail, not driving too fast, and being careful to avoid those risky obstacles on the trail to eliminate breaking any mirrors while offroading.

Don’t Forget to Knock on Wood

To combat all the bad luck on Friday the 13th, how about adding a little good luck to the mix!

Remember that old superstition about knocking on wood for good luck?

Well, think of all those trees that get passed when you leave the pavement in that Toyota Tacoma and go off-road to enjoy state trails! 

Outsmart Friday the 13th By Trail Riding in Your Taco!

While most of this is probably laughable even if some superstitions are more believable than others, one thing is certain.

There is never a bad reason for going off-road or even overlanding with a completely outfitted Toyota Tacoma.

Let the day work positive rather than negative and spend Friday the 13th far away from every day life by off-roading and having a blast where black cats and cracks in the sidewalk can't be found!

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