What Is A Stinger Bumper And Do I Need One?

Off road vehicles can be outfitted with various accessories and bumpers that can help make offroading safer and reduce the risk of a crash. One such item known as a stinger bumper may be important to some vehicle owners in certain circumstances. Although stinger bumpers, a type of custom bumper that protrudes considerably upward and outward from the front or rear of the truck, may seem to be an overdone, flashy, and unnecessary accessory, they do have a very important purpose.

What Is A Stinger Bumper?

Stinger bumpers are aftermarket bumpers frequently installed on off road trucks that are driven over certain types of terrain. They are constructed from a heavy steel tube shaped to a point that extends off the bumper, giving them the look of a stinger on a bee - hence the name. Stinger truck bumpers and SUV bumpers are available for the front and rear of a vehicle, although they are mainly used on the front.

What Is the Purpose of A Stinger Bumper?

Front stinger steel truck bumpers serve two important functions on any offroading truck. Their main purpose is to prevent a rollover caused by shifting vehicle weight when descending a steep incline. Should an offroad truck end up off balanced to the point where a nose rollover becomes imminent, the stinger bar interferes. The protruding stinger keeps the truck from actually going over onto its nose and rolling over. It's like a wheelie bar on the back of a drag car, only in reverse.

Secondarily, heavy duty steel bumpers like stinger bumpers provide important protection for the front of the vehicle, preventing damage to the radiator and the entire nose. Although rear stinger bumpers do exist and are sometimes used similarly to prevent a rear rollover, most owners use them to protect their spare tires in the event that the vehicle ends up sitting on its rear.

How Stinger Bumpers Work

Not all off road vehicles need a stinger bumper, since they protect against the types of rollovers that usually happen in more extreme rock climbing conditions. For those that do, they provide simple protection where leverage becomes a problem. Most trucks and off road vehicles have most of the vehicle weight in the front, meaning they are nose heavy. While this is not so much of an issue climbing up a steep incline since leverage shifts some of the vehicle weight to the rear, coming down the other side can become a serious concern.

Descending a steep incline puts a nose-heavy vehicle at a distinct disadvantage, as the weight falls even further toward the nose. Due to this lack of weight in the rear, negotiating these types of conditions takes great skill - and it is still possible for drivers to end up off balance. Stinger bars will prevent the vehicle from going nose down and rolling over if that extreme loss of balance occurs. When properly installed, these truck bumpers can withstand the weight of the entire vehicle, holding it on its nose without letting it roll over.

Owners of offroading trucks should consider how they use their truck and is a front end roll over possible to determine whether to install this type of unique front bumper. When shopping for any type of custom bumpers, be sure to install one designed specifically for your truck's make and model so that the stinger bumper is large enough to withstand the weight of the vehicle. With the right stinger bumper, rock climbers tackling the steepest hills can at least have peace of mind in knowing that they can avoid a rollover should the worst happen!

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