When Off Roading In Your Jeep – Better Carry These Safety Items!

When you’re off-roading, whether in the backwoods or climbing hills at a popular spot, staying safe should always be a prime concern.

You’ve thought a lot about keeping your Jeep safe by adding Jeep JK steel bumpers, better tires, and other Jeep JK off road products, right?

Well, you need to keep yourself safe, too.

Be sure to carry these ten essential safety items to protect yourself in case of trouble and help get you back on the trail again.

1. First Aid Kit - Always, always bring a first aid kit with you whenever you leave the streets and go off-road.

Carry a good sized kit that allows you to deal with a variety of injuries, from a simple cut to something more serious.

Depending on the activity planned, you may even want to consider bringing a snakebite kit and items to deal with a broken bone.  

2. Sunscreen and Insect Repellant - Sunburn may not seem like a big issue at first; however, you'll be thinking about again if you burn to a crisp.

Bring sunscreen along and reapply it all day as you sweat.

Insect repellant will help keep you more comfortable and less tasty to the flying critters you're likely to encounter out on the trail.

3. Drinking Water and Snacks - Beyond whatever you’re packing for lunch, bring extra water and stowable snacks or emergency rations just in case.

If you end up stuck overnight somewhere, you'll be able to stay hydrated and keep your energy up so you can deal with your problems safely the next day.

Bring a minimum of 1 gallon of extra water for everyone in the Jeep or truck.

4. Tough, Durable Gloves - There are a million uses for a good pair of gloves when you're out on the trail.

Keep your hands safe and always carry a pair or two with you.

A pair of tactile, heat-resistant mechanical gloves is the best choice to protect your hands from burns, cuts, blisters, and other injuries.  

5. Rain Gear - When it rains, it pours, especially when you're out in the backwoods.

Staying warm and dry can be a lifesaver should you end up dealing with a flat tire or some other problem.

Pack a lightweight rain suit if you can or at least a good rain jacket.

6. Heavy Duty Flashlight - Whether you’re out later than you expected or you're just in a covered area, when you need light you need light.

Standard flashlights do not offer a strong enough beam of light nor do they last very long.

Choose a heavy-duty LED flashlight or portable lantern to keep in your Jeep so you’ll have plenty of light when and where you need it.

7. Fire Extinguisher - Off-roading is rough on your Jeep, even with its upgraded with Jeep JK off road parts.

The possibility of a fire is higher when you’re really going to extremes while off-roading, making a reachable fire extinguisher inside the vehicle essential.

Different extinguishers put out different types of fire. Be sure to buy one that's safe for both chemical and electrical fires.

8. Maps, Compass, and Area Guidebooks - Getting lost is never fun; that's why you have GPS and smartphone apps, right? Wrong! 

There is never a guarantee that electronic devices reliant on power, wireless connections, and other signals are going to work all the time or be within range.

Prepare for the worst by carrying the items you need to guide yourself manually.

Pro Tip - learn how to use them ahead of time; it's not as easy as it looks.

9. Spare Tire and Tire Changing Equipment - Although this should be obvious, of all the repair needs you could carry with you, put tire changing equipment at the top of your list.

Carry a full-sized spare with you at all times as well as a jack suited for your Jeep with its steel bumpers, a jack plate or a piece of wood, and all tools necessary to get the job done.

10. Stowable Utility Shovel - Like that essential pair of gloves, there are countless ways you can use a shovel on the trail.

For less than $20, you can buy a foldable utility shovel that'll help you out when you're stuck, need to fill in a hole, or need to move dirt for some other reason.

Some even come with pickaxe attachment and other accessories.

Be Ready To Be Safe!

Before you drive off with your Jeep to have a fun and exciting day on the trail, pause long enough to make sure you're carrying the right safety items.

You’ve likely already gone down the checklist of essential items you need for your Jeep.

Make sure you add these other important items to protect yourself as well!

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