Why Cold-Air Intake Systems Are Vital For Off Road Trucks!

To get the best performance out of your off-road truck, you need a good air intake system. During times of exertion, cool clean air is just as important for your truck as it is for you. A cold-air intake system is the preferred way to go so your truck gets the blast of air it needs to keep climbing those hills.

When planning your other modifications like upgrading your suspension and tires and adding steel bumpers, consider how a cold-air intake can help you have more fun while reducing the strain on your engine.

The Critical Role of Air

Like you, your fully-equipped, highly-tuned off-road truck relies on air in order to function. In order to combust fuel properly, your engine requires air. This is supplied to the engine through the air intake, which is protected by the air filter. There is a lot that can be said about the air that flows into the engine and how it can help or hinder engine performance. Warm air or air that is contaminated with dirt and dust can negatively affect the performance of your truck.

What Is A Cold-Air Intake System?

A cold-air intake system is one designed to draw in cooler air from outside the engine compartment as opposed to the hotter air within it. In addition, cold-air intake systems provide better filtering than the standard filter. This ensures that the air reaching your engine is free of the dust and dirt that can reduce engine performance.

These systems are designed with either air boxes that are positioned away from the engine or more commonly with air scoops that draw in air from outside the vehicle, feeding cooler air into the engine.

Why Are Cold-Air Intake Systems Better?

When you need better performance out of your off-road truck, there are two great reasons why cold-air intake systems are preferable over standard intake and filter systems:

  • Improved Combustion - Combustion requires oxygen. The more actual oxygen that is present in the air fed into the engine of any off- road truck or Jeep, the cleaner and more thorough the fuel combustion process is. Warm contains fewer oxygen molecules in comparison to cooler air, which is much denser. Based on this fact, cooler air feeding into the engine results in better combustion, which produces more energy. It also promotes fuel efficiency since you will get better results from the same amount of fuel.
  • Better Filtration - Another critical factor that applies specifically to off-road trucks is air filtration. You already know how dirty your truck gets after a day on the trails or in the mud. Well, your air intake is not exempt from being one of those places that suck up some of that dirt which, after entering your engine, can affect performance. The more dust and dirt gets sucked in, the weaker your combustion is and the increased potential for it to cause engine damage. Stock air filters don’t provide enough protection for off-road trucks; they clog up quickly and impede the flow of air into the engine. You can remedy this by installing a cold-air intake system. With heavy-duty filtration, the air that reaches the engine is leaner and denser which removes the effect of dust and dirt on engine performance.

Considering these two significant advantages, cold-air intake systems offer you many benefits. Not only will you see improved vehicle performance due to better combustion, you’ll suffer fewer problems from dirt getting inside the engine. This is an inexpensive modification you can probably do on your own while you’re planning other upgrades like bumpers from Fab Fours, shocks, and other performance or protection gear. Add a cold-air intake system and let your off-road truck breathe deep when tackling whatever obstacle you want to attack!

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