Why Improved Steel Bumpers Are Great For 4×4 Trucks!

If you off-road, you’re probably already well aware of the fact that some of the stock equipment on your outfitted truck or Jeep isn’t going to be enough out on the trail. Most people start their upgrades by adding bigger, better tires and then movie onto things like the suspension and protective gear like differential covers.

Besides those modifications, you’ll likely want to add steel bumpers to your list as well. Aftermarket steel truck bumpers are another protective item designed to protect your truck in the roughest conditions and in ways that your stock back or front bumpers simply cannot handle.

Why Your Stock Bumper Isn’t Enough

Your chrome bumper from the factory may look just great; however, if you’re out on the trail with your off-road truck climbing hills, it may disappoint you. Stock bumpers are mostly made of thin steel and aluminum and can be easily damaged. So they won't be very durable on your truck in an off-road setting.

Thin factory bumpers offer very little actual protection since they collapse under even small impacts. In contrast, aftermarket steel truck bumpers are designed to withstand harder impacts and also give you the freedom to install other essential equipment on your truck.

Get Protection With Improved Steel Bumpers

Why are steel truck bumpers essential for your off-road truck or Jeep? Let's look at how they protect your ride and let you have fun without the worry:

  • Strong and Durable - Most importantly, the steel truck bumpers you would add are made from thick, durable steel with stronger attachment points. They are designed to be tough and long-lasting, more so than aluminum or thin steel factory varieties. They are always secure because they are bolted welded onto the frame and can withstand a lot of abuse while protecting the front and rear of your truck. Steel truck bumpers can withstand hard knocks and hits from trail debris and protect your truck. If something happens out on the trail, they will reduce the extent of any damage.
  • Addition of Accessories - Besides being protective, aftermarket truck bumpers do something no stock bumper does - they let you install other accessories on your truck. Available in different styles and sizes, add-on steel bumpers let you use taller suspension and bigger tires without any interference issues. They can be outfitted with off-road lights, tow hooks, recovery winches, and other essential gear.
  • Looks Great - Sure, looks aren’t everything but admit it. After you’ve invested in all that other tough-looking gear, you want your bumpers to look just as ready for a day climbing hills, right? Powder-coated steel bumpers look as aggressive as they really are. They provide the finishing touch to your off-road equipped truck. They protect on the trails - and look great on the street!

Considering the amount of protection and durability that heavy duty bumpers can provide, they are a much better option than trying to make do with flimsy factory bumpers. Steel truck bumpers can be a little heavy and you may need a little help from a welder to properly install yours; certainly the pros greatly outweigh the cons.

If you are serious about off-roading and activities like hill or rock climbing and drive-challenging trails, replacing stock equipment with protective and useful steel truck bumpers from Fab Fours is your best choice!

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