Why Install Custom Steel Bumpers to Off Road Vehicles?

Off roading can be a lot of fun; however, it requires the right preparation. Damage to vehicles can be costly, so it is important to outfit off-road vehicles with the right protective gear. Custom steel bumpers are one of the more essential items for any off-road customization to get the necessary level of protection. With the right off-road steel bumpers, vehicles will only look great and be able to endure the perils that sometimes come with off-roading.

The Rigors of Off Roading

No matter what type of vehicle is used for off-roading, driving on that type of terrain usually means many chances to sustain vehicle damage. Whether the risks involve thick brush, rock climbing, riverbeds, or rough trails, off-roading requires certain customization to provide important protection in order to reduce vehicle damage and ensure getting home in one piece. This is especially so when considering vehicle suspension and the front of the vehicle, which can be more vulnerable to damage.

Why Stock Bumpers Aren’t Enough

Although many stock 4x4 trucks and vehicles are sold with appropriate suspension and tires for some basic off-roading, they typically come off the assembly line with stock bumpers. Jeep stock bumpers, Dodge truck bumpers, GMC truck bumpers, and other 4-wheel drive vehicles are usually made of plastic and light steel or aluminum, wrapped over a steel brace on the front end of the vehicle. These bumpers may look great; however, they have two main faults that make them unsuitable for off roading:

  • They are not strong at all and can be easily dented and crumpled by a light impact.

  • They do not provide any protection for the headlights or the front of the vehicle.

Anyone who off roads with stock front bumpers on their vehicle runs the risk of sustaining serious damage as a result.

Why Steel Bumpers Are A Better Choice

Custom steel bumpers are very different than stock steel bumpers, both in thickness and design. Available in many types and to fit any vehicle, off-road bumpers are designed to sturdily mount to the vehicle and withstand the abuse that trail driving can present. They also offer much more protection for the front of the vehicle, reducing the chance of damage to headlights, hood, fenders and other vulnerable areas. Steel bumpers for off-roading are also available with various features including pre-drilled holes for the addition of other accessories, light bars, bull bars and other, and winches that can end up useful in extreme circumstances. Instead of crumpling after impact, a thick, customized steel bumper might sustain only a scratch or small dent.

Although they may carry a considerable price tag and increase the weight of the vehicle by a few hundred pounds, a customized steel bumper should be considered essential equipment for any off-road vehicle. The investment in the vehicle alone, along with other customization, can be significant. To protect that investment, vehicle owners should look into adding the steel bumpers that protect the right areas and provide the strength that any truck or Jeep needs before hitting the trails.

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