Why Is Steel The Best Metal For Off Road Truck Bumpers?

Aftermarket truck bumpers are a popular modification for many off-road trucks and Jeeps because of the degree of protection they offer. Although there are a number of materials that bumper designers use, makers of off-road bumpers always choose steel.

Yes, some off-road steel truck bumpers are fairly heavy; however, they offer the performance necessary for rough riding on the trails, in the desert, or wherever else you may go with your off-road truck or Jeep.

The Durability of Steel Bumpers

The stock bumpers on many trucks are made from fiberglass, plastic, and lightweight metals such as aluminum, all of which are less desirable for going off-road because they can be so easily damaged. These materials offer almost no vehicle protection as they are only designed to withstand light impacts at lower speeds.

This is why the manufacturers of off-road bumpers choose various types and grades of steel for their products. Steel can withstand harder impacts without being damaged, providing greater protection to the vehicle.

In addition, even though steel truck bumpers are not indestructible and can be dented or damaged, they remain protective. A dented steel bumper may not look great; however, it will still protect the front or rear of your off-road truck or Jeep.

Different Types of Steel

There are two types of steel commonly used to make steel truck bumpers:

==>>Carbon Steel - The strongest type of steel used to manufacture off-road truck bumpers, carbon steel is a steel alloy that contains up to 2.1% carbon, making it extremely hard and durable. It is also less expensive than other choices such as aluminum or fiberglass. For these reasons, most manufacturers make their steel truck bumpers using carbon steel. Even though it is not corrosion-resistant, carbon steel can be protected with powder coating. The biggest negative about carbon steel is its weight.

==>>Stainless Steel - An alloy of chromium and carbon steel, stainless steel is almost as strong as carbon steel. It has some corrosion-resistance and a chrome finish. It is heavier than aluminum but lighter than carbon steel. Stainless also costs more than both aluminum and carbon steel and is harder to repair if dented.

The Issues of Strength vs. Weight

When choosing aftermarket steel bumpers for your off-road truck or Jeep, it’s important that you consider what you like to do with your truck and how strong you need your bumpers to be. Weight is a concern for some trucks, so you need to carefully gauge bumper weight over your need for strength.

Choose carbon steel if you want the highest degree of strength and durability plus the ability to mount the bumper to your frame for pulling, towing, or winching. In some instances, you may need to reduce weight elsewhere if you need a heavier-duty bumper that carries more weight.

When you’re out on the trail or hill climbing steep angles, the last thing you want to worry about is whether a bumper will protect your truck from the perils of off-roading. There is no doubt about it, a stock bumper is not enough if you plan to do more than just drive some dirt paths. Steel truck bumpers are the best option for durable off-road front and rear protection. Available in many custom shapes and sizes from Fab Fours, look into durable steel truck bumpers today!

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