Why Off Road Trucks Must Have Great Backup Lights!

Equipping an off-road truck for the trail can take some time - and a good bit of money. Owners need to prioritize what they want versus what they need and make sure necessities for safe trail riding are purchased first. For those who enjoy trail riding at night, adding lights along with those custom bumpers and shocks is probably a given; however, are you remembering to add backup lights?

It’s easy to forget about what’s behind you when you think all that needs to be seen is ahead of you. Safe off-roading cannot ignore those times out on the trail in dim or no light conditions when you also need a clear view to back up.

Why Bother With Backup Lights?

Some off-roaders never take their custom off-road trucks out at night, so they don’t need much more than the stock lights on the truck. It’s an entirely different story for those who enjoy trail riding in the dark and as most know, having proper lighting is essential. The detail that many fail to realize is that you need be able to see any time you back up; stock backup lights will be of little help on the trail in the dark.

Just think about the primary reasons why anyone adds off-road driving lights - they’re brighter and provide a greater field of vision. The same reasons are true for backing up. Actually, good backup lights may be even more critical when backing up since it’s usually hard to see behind an outfitted off-road truck even with good lighting.

Rearward Visibility Is Also Important

You never know what you’ll encounter when you’re out on the trail with your truck, especially at night. The rule of safe off-roading is to be prepared for almost anything. Well, one of those important things that drivers who head out at night need to be prepared for is having enough light to watch the trail, get out of sticky spots, then keep going. That could involve backing up.

At the very least, driving in reverse on the trail without enough lighting could result in getting stuck or causing damage to your rear truck bumpers when you back into a tree because your stock backup lights were useless in the brush. Worst-case scenario, it could cause a lot of damage to your great outfitted off-road truck or even send you down an embankment or hill when your rear tires go off the trail because you couldn’t actually see where the trail ended.

Let There Be (Bright) Light!

Considering the importance of having backup lights, truck owners should spend wisely and invest in the brightest lights possible. Backup lights aren’t on all the time, so bulbs should last longer than the off road lights install on the front truck bumpers. Consider options that could mount on the back of the cab. Available with bright, clear LED bulbs, cab-mounted backup lights illuminate the whole area behind the truck, not just the ground. Switching these backup spots or light bars on can provide almost as much light as headlights do in the front.

One of the advantages of rear truck bumpers made by Fab Fours is that they are designed with openings for light options to be added such as dually lights or light bars. In addition, most are sensor compatible, which would add an even greater element of safety in dim/no light conditions.

Before assuming that your only off-road lighting consideration is at the front of your truck or Jeep, think again. Simply stated, you need to be able to see in reverse as much as you need to see going forward. Maybe you won’t get as much use from your LED backup lights as you do from your other aftermarket lights; however, it only takes one time of needing to back up out on the trail in the dark to be convinced of their necessity. Increase your visibility - and your safety - when driving the trails at night by remembering to add bright backup lights!

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